Photo cred - Toronto Life

Touhenboku, a sushi restaurant that just opened up in the Distillery District, is part of the same chain of ramen restaurants you may have seen on Queen West and Yonge and Eglington. This location, however, is ditching the noodles and focusing on sushi. Their menu is extensive, boasting 21 different types of fish.

If you like a bit of a fire show with your meal, you'll get it by ordering the tuna-scallop roll. It's blasted with a blow torch before being served, so you know it'll be piping hot. Aki Kitao, the chef, has worked in several upscale sushi restaurants before, so if he says torching your sushi will make it taste better, you're better off just taking his word for it.

Touhenboku is located at 42 Gristmill Ln. in the Distillery District.


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