Toronto Council made the decision to ban shisha cafes as if April 1st. Hookah cafes have been a popular means of entertainment for many Torontonians when they want to lay back and smoke a herbal mixture through a water pipe. This ban has affected over 60 businesses in the city and owners as well as Torontonians are freaking out.

A new clever idea for serving shisha has come to the city to work around the ban. Located at 888 Craft Market, Shisha Cup prepares single-use cups to serve shisha over briquettes inside an orange peel. The smoke accumulates within the cup and is inhaled through a straw.

There's a variety of flavors to choose from, similar to those of a traditional hookah. The only difference is, these cups are more mobile in comparison to a original shisha pipe and is suppose to be enjoyed on the go. Shisha Cup is able to work around the ban because there is no seating space in the cafe and it is not intended to be consumed on the premises.

How long will this business last and will it be successful? We'll just have to wait and see.

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