Photo cred - Robert Taylor

Most major cities with transit systems have moved away from forcing people to pay a fixed rate for their travels at the beginning of each month. It doesn't really make sense, it's inefficient, and it makes most people's lives way more expensive. Toronto's slowly getting on board with that. Since this summer, we've been able to use Presto cards to get into 15 different subway stations, which has made a lot of broke people's days a lot easier.

Toronto's slow meander towards the 21st century continues, because as of this weekend, you can use your Presto card on the new Spadina streetcars! They're already the most futuristic thing the TTC has, so it's fitting that they would get in on the most modern thing they're doing right now. If you're not transferring, you can even get into the streetcar from the back entrances, where there's a second set of card readers waiting for you. Pretty slick, T.O. Pretty slick.

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