Surely we've all had childhood dreams of becoming astronauts and blasting off into space. Now there's a chance that those dreams can come true - if you're willing to put in the work.

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The Canadian Space Agency is looking to hire two new astronauts to join their team, and recently launched a recruitment campaign across the country to facilitate their search. They are looking for candidates who are not only extremely educated, but also in top physique and health, as they will be put through long years of extremely tough testing.

To apply, the Agency requires a 1,000-word cover letter, at least three years of professional experience (or a license to practice medicine in Canada), a doctorate degree in medicine or dentistry OR a bachelor's degree in science or engineering.

There are strict physical requirements as well. Applicants must be between 4 ft 11 in and 6 ft 3 in, have a weight between 110 and 209 pounds, and have 20/20 vision.

Applications will be accepted until August 15 and the Agency shortlist the number to just 100. The two candidates selected will undergo 2 years of basic training in Houston, Texas, another 2 years of flight training, and a flight assignment before being appointed as official Canadian astronauts in 2017. The average salary for astronauts ranges between $91K to $178.5K.

So, are you in?

Source: CTV News

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