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The actual act of going home for the holidays is a huge pain, whether you're doing it by bus, train, or plane. All of the drama of having to show up early to a place and then wait around for hours is just not cute. This being Christmas time, Toronto's main means of travel are all pretty packed all the time, but today is a particularly bad one for those of you leaving town by plane.

Today is the first day of vacation for a lot of people in the city, and in kind, Pearson airport is expecting 121 000 people to pass through. And that's just the travelers. There's no mention of just how many of their family/friends/significant others will be accompanying them to the airport. Today is expected to be the busiest day the airport has had all year, so God speed to anyone who's going to be trapped in the middle of it. If airport delays were a problem before, there is absolutely no way they won't be on this day. Here's hoping your plane is departing from Billy Bishop!


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