Going though airport security is stressful for everyone even if you don't have anything illegal in your bag. You have to anxiously stand in line for what feel like an eternity you can't talk, you have to do EXACTLY as you're told to do or else you might be singled out for some special treatment.    

Can you imagine what it's like to go though security when you are actually carrying something illegal?

Something like oh I don't know, a whole bunch of coffee cans stuffed full of cocaine.   


Because that's what 2 people tried to sneak though airport security at Pearson International Airport in Toronto earlier this month.  

So how many coffee cans full of cocaine are we talking about here exactly? 

The answer is 12.   

That's right, 12 cans of coffee full of cocaine. Each person was carrying a bag full of 6 of the cans and had arrived in Canada after flying to Toronto from Jamaica.  

@canborderembedded via  

Now clearly these 2 made it though security in Jamaica in order to get on the plane but had to go though security again in Canada and that's how they were caught.  

So close right? If it there hadn't been a second check they would have gotten away with it. 

Can you imagine trying to explain why you have 6 cans of coffee in your bag in the hope you can convince everyone that no one needs to open them? "No officer I need these as part of my medication."

@rcmpgrcpoliceembedded via  

As you can probably guess, these 2 would-be criminal masterminds were arrested straight away and turned over to the RCMP.  

Source: Canadian Border Services Agency 

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