Featuring over 150 shows in over 30 venues, the Fringe Festival is one of the largest performing arts festivals in Toronto. With theatre, dance, busking, site-specific performances, musicals, comedies and tragedies, there is a little something for everyone. Spanning June 29th - July 10th, there is plenty of time to take in the incredibly talented array of artists our city has to offer. For now, here is our top 10 list of performances you must see this year.

Dance Animal

Dance Animal, the world’s only comedy-dance-tribe, returns with a new TO show & cast. Anchored in the spectrum of city life in the 6ix and mixing the high camp of musical theatre with sketch comedy & character monologues, Dance Animal is your perfect summer cocktail.


What do you do when the other kids in your class steal all of your erasers? What does it mean to be the new kid when you’re not from here? Where is here? Join our 6 performers as they remember elementary school. From first crushes to puberty, to victims becoming bullies. What does it mean to be a child in the multi-cultural Toronto school system?


Beer. Music. Hallucinogens. After the death of their lead singer, two band members embark on an Ontario-wide Pub Crawl. Performed concert style with live original music in a functioning bar, BINGE pits self-discovery against self-destruction as two musicians push their livers and their sanities to the breaking point.

Bodies Strange

A troupe of 5 actors gather in a garden to present Kyle Capstick’s probably impossible “Bodies Strange”. Following a lover’s departure for war a woman transforms into a tree and sets a family in a cycle of transformations that spans 3 generations. Bold and imaginative in its storytelling, Bodies Strange is a theatrical challenge.

The Harvester

In a future where time can be captured in a bottle, would you choose to live forever if you were the last person alive?

We Are XX

4 women reveal never-before shared stories and secrets from their lives in a theatrical dismantling of gender and cultural expectations. Their inner-most desires, frustrations, hopes, fears, and triumphs take centre stage in this deeply personal, collectively-created piece.

Life After

The inaugural winner of the Paul O’Sullivan Award for Musical Theatre, Life After is a story of love and loss as told by 16-year-old Alice, who is trying to navigate life after her father, a super-star self-help guru, smashes into a truck while driving and sends her headlong into a search for the meaning of it all.

The Stage Managers Guide To Dating Assholes

Is your megalomaniac director driving you insane? Is your assistant sleeping with him? Are you? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you need help. The Stage Manager’s Guide to Dating Assholes has the solution to all these problems, and more! SMGDA is a political satire about gender inequality in theatre.

Rated R

ISOLATION · DESIRE · POWER · CAPTIVITY · PRIVILEGE. RATED R presents two new works investigating our cyclical behaviours and social perceptions. Take a voyeuristic look into a couple’s intimate relationship and confront the assumptions we make about privilege and power. Where are you RANKED and have you ever RElaps-ed? 8 Dancers · 2 Works · 1 Show.

The Fence

Johnson, Johnston and Wilde (the team that brought you Summerland) join forces once more with Wexford PA (now Edge of the Sky Theatre) for a new work examining a decade in the life of young artists. This autobiographical song-cycle features a cast of 40 teens/adults and blends rich story-telling, contemporary dance and pop music. Jacques Brel meets Hamilton.

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