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11 Green Spaces You Need To Visit To Make Spring Come Faster In Toronto

Spring has sprung!

Spring is finally here, which means we can finally start taking advantage of the beautiful green spaces our city has to offer.  We will no longer have to deal with salt stains, slush covered streets, and dead looking trees.

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With spring flowers, sunshine, and warm weather, many Torontonians will be much more willing to go on an urban adventure, so here are 14 places we recommend checking out.

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Cloud Gardens // 14 Temperance St.

Cloud Gardens is the perfect indoor green space to explore when the weather isn't cooperating.  It's located in the middle of downtown, making it the perfect mid-day escape if you're looking to be one with nature.

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High Park // 1873 Bloor St W.

High Park is known for their beautiful cherry blossom trees that bloom throughout the spring time. Make sure to have your camera ready because these are seriously beautiful.

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Centre Island // Toronto Island

Centre Island has one of the best views of our cities skyline.  Feel free to bring your bike along on the Ferry and take full advantage of all the bike paths!

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The Boardwalk // The Beaches

Who can say no to a day spent at the beach?  Especially when you get to enjoy the sound of crashing waves and a view of the CN tower.

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Humber Bay Arch Bridge // Martin Goodman Trail

Humber Bay Arch Bridge has a seriously stunning view of the cities skyline, and is easily accessible for all our west-enders.

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Colonel Samuel Smith Park // 3145 Lake Shore Boulevard West.

Colonel Samuel Smith Park is an amazing place to visit year around.  In the winter they have an outdoor skating rink, and during the summer months you'll be able to enjoy the sweeping skyline views, walking paths and the dog park!

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Trinity Bellwoods // 790 Queen St W.

Trinity Bellwoods is the ideal place for a spring picnic.  This beautiful park located on Queen West is the perfect place for some fresh air in the midst of a concrete jungle.

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Allan Gardens // 19 Horticultural Ave.

Allan Gardens is another great indoor oasis.  You'll be able to see tons of tropical plants that you wouldn't normally get to see around the city, so enjoy!

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Evergreen Brickworks // 550 Bayview Ave #300

Evergreen Brickworks is a great place to go if you're looking for a hike/walk that is a little more challenging.  This adorable green spaces has long walking paths, a beautiful pond, and some cute outdoor sitting areas.

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Bluffers Park // 7 Brimley Rd S.

If you haven't visited the Scarborough Bluffs then you're missing out.  This spot is completely worth the hype and definitely worth an Instagram.

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Riverdale Park // 550 Broadview Ave.

Riverdale Park probably has the best sunset view in the city, which is reason enough to plan a visit.

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