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11 Groupons To Take Advantage Of This Spring In Toronto

Don't break the bank!

Toronto is full of awesome things to do, especially in the spring!  You’ll no longer have to worry about freezing everytime you step outside or slipping on the ice constantly.  The spring weather often inspires many Torontonians to get out and start enjoying their city again, and this list gives you 11 excuses to join in on the fun!

These Groupons listed below are for those who are looking for something to do but aren’t willing to break the bank.  If you’re balling on a budget this spring, be sure to check out our list of things to do below.

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1. Treat yourself to a facial from Miraj Hammam Spa

Groupon Price: $195.00

Your Savings: 65% off

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2. Finally go see the Book of Mormon

Groupon Price: $106.50

Your Savings: 85% off

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3. Grab tickets to see One Republic live

Groupon Price: $32.00

Your Savings: 14% off

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4. Take part in Toronto's 5K bubble run

Groupon Price: $30.00

Your Savings: 50% off

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5. Show your Toronto Pride at a Jays Game

Groupon Price: $49.00

Your Savings: 35% off

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Groupon Price:

Your Savings:

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7.  Get nostalgic at a Simple Plan concert

Groupon Price: $30.00

Your Savings: 48% off

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8.  Take part in Toronto's Tough Mudder

Groupon Price: $65.00

Your Savings: 39% off

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9.  Catch a Harlem Globetrotter's game

Groupon Price: $46.00

Your Savings: %40.00

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10. Take a trip to Bird Kingdom

Groupon Price: $12.00

Your Savings: 29% off

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11. See Mary Poppins Live on stage

Groupon Price: $44.99

Your Savings: 34% off

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