Dating a "sweet tooth" is both a blessing and a curse. It's great because by association you get to taste a lot of sweets and desserts; but it is also problematic because there's a high chance you'll become addicted to sugar. Cravings, cavities, and possibly even diabetes may follow...

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...But oh well. There's no saying no to a good dessert. Here's 11 great places you can take a sweet tooth to to win his or her heart over (in no particular order):

1. Caffe Demetre // 400 Danforth Ave

Caffe Demetre is a dessert house that only uses the best ingredients, from Nielsen Massey vanillas to Barry Callebaut Belgian chocolates. If there's anything you must try at Demetres, it's their amazing crepe and ice cream creations.

2. Le Dolci // 1006 Dundas St W

Le Dolci isn't only great for snacking on sweets and desserts, it also offers a variety of dessert making and decorating classes. Prices range from $80 to $130 per class and include everything from piping skills to fondant manipulation.

3. Millie Creperie // 161 Baldwin St

Millie Creperie serves a variety of delectable Japanese-style crepes and parfaits. Their creations use a thinner and crispier crepe that is rolled into a cone-shape so that it can be held by hand. The options for what to put in the crepe cone are endless - from Nutella-covered banana pieces to salmon sashimi.

4. YoYo's Yogurt Cafe // 417 Bloor St W

YoYo's Yogurt Cafe raises the bar when it comes to self-serve frozen yogurt. Their yogurts are healthy options that are non-fat, low in sugar and full of beneficial probiotic cultures. With a seemingly endless amount of flavours and toppings to choose from, YoYo's is a sweet tooth's dream come true.

5. Bobbette & Belle // 1121 Queen St E

Bobbette & Belle specializes in artisinal pastries. It actually began as a service for engaged couples looking for wedding cakes and desserts. The business is run by Allyson Meredith and Sarah Bell, who are well known for their wedding cakes and pastry creations. You'll find everything from the most amazing cupcakes to macarons of all sorts of flavours.

6. Stubbe Chocolates // 653 Dupont St

Stubbe Chocolates offers a variety of private workshops that would make for a sweet date.  Prices are $80 per adult and include everything from learning how to temper chocolate to using moulds and piping. They also have another workshop dedicated just for making truffles; also at $80 a person.

7. Sweet Jesus // 106 John St

By now, most of you already know of Sweet Jesus. But this list just wouldn't be complete if it weren't included in it! Besides, it deserves its spot on here - every ice cream cone they create is a masterpiece. You'll come across ice cream combinations that will absolutely blow your mind. Just check out their Instagram and you'll see what I mean.

8. Pastel Dessert House // 5417 Yonge St

Pastel Dessert House specializes in crepes, waffles, ice-cream coffees, cakes and cookies. Everything they make is so beautiful that you may not even want to eat any of it! A particular favourite of mine is their green tea and red bean parfait.

Photo credmorocochocolat

9. MoRoCo Chocolat // 99 Yorkville Ave

MoRoCo Chocolat's vision is to create a completely multi-sensory chocolate experience. All their creations are largely French-inspired, but also take from various inspirations across the globe (Kelly Kimel, the owner, has travelled almost everywhere). Accompanying their chocolate boutique is also a complete dining service that boasts an impeccable Parisian menu.

10. Squish Candy // 176 Yonge St

If you're a fan of all things gummy, then Squish Candy is for you. They offer a selection of over 100 types of gummies that are all made from only the highest quality ingredients. All of their candies are all-natural, fat free, vegan-friendly and non-GMO modified.

11. 7 West // 7 Charles St W

7 West is perfect for the sweet tooth that gets cravings late a night, because it is open 24/7! The cafe isn't necessarily a dedicated dessert house, but it has some of the best cake and coffee that I've ever tasted. Ever!

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