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12 Most Overrated And Underrated Things To Do In Toronto

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Toronto is a massive city with a ton to offer, and even with the crazy selection there are places that are bound to get overhyped within the city. Don't get me wrong though, overrated doesn't necessarily mean bad, it just means it's crazy popular and that there are other spots you can check out if they are way too rammed! So check out what spots are overrated and where you should go instead!


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The CN Tower

Dinner at the CN Tower sounds great in theory, I mean you are in the highest building in the city! Though if you actually want to see the skyline, you aren't going to, instead you're a part of it!


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The Chase // 10 Temperance St

While this spot's food definitely isn't underrated, hosting some of the best seafood in the city, the patio's view definitely is! If you want a luxe dining experience with some of the best sea food in the city and a great view of the skyline where you can even see the CN Tower!

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