There's nothing wrong with being on a budget when you're taking out bae. If times are rough and you're looking to take your S/O but can't afford a $100.00 dinner, where do you go?

Toronto, being the greatest city that it is, always has plenty of deals to score if you really look into it. There are several activities and places to go that are super fun and cheap! Here's a list of 12 things to do with your bae that will cost you under $20.00. Some prices vary based on the time and day.

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1. Putting Edge // multiple locations. 

Glow in the dark mini golf? Hell ye! For $10.50 you and bae can play a game with over 18 holes in a "kaleidoscope of dazzling “Glow-in-the-Dark” colors, images and sounds, rocking your senses in unordinary, inevitable ways." Escape on a magical adventure with your S/O any time of the year!

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2. Toronto Islands

Take a trip to the islands for the perfect island escape, across Lake Ontario on the ferry with bae for $7.50(includes return.) Upon arrival you can hit up the bike trail, spend some time on the beach and  grab a bite at Rectory Cafe  or The Toronto Island BBQ and Grill Co.

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3. Black Creek Pioneer Village // 1000 Murray Ross Pkwy.

Every Tuesday, general admission is free after 2pm at Pioneer Village. Any other day a $15.00 (per person) fee is required to take a trip back in time and enjoy the variety of activities they have to offer. It's more of a learning experience to have with bae and adventurous at the same time!

4. Biu DIY Studio // 60 Brian Harrison Way #3

Get creative with bae at Biu DIY Studio. Take arts and crafts to a total different level, that will cost you $18.00 (per person.) You'll be given a free tutorial, material and will be provided with complementary soft drinks. Use your imagination and create works of art such as clay figures, perler beads, felted wool toys, metal puzzles or diamond blocks ( similar to lego figures.)

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5. Diamond Estate Wine Tour // 1067 Niagara Stone Rd.

Take a day trip to Niagara and go on a vineyard tour with Diamond Estate that includes a tasting of 4 wines, for only $10.00 per person. During the 45-60 min journey you'll explore 1000 sq.ft of working winery space, check out 800 wine barrels and 2 storey wine tanks while sipping on vino.

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6. Guild Park // 201 Guildwood Parkway

This is one of Toronto's parks that is most definitely a hidden gem. Go on a romantic walking tour with bae or explore the beautiful garden on Guild's Park. There are also flower planting events, movie nights, historical adventures and other cool activities to part take in with bae! You can either become a year member for $10.00 or go for a onetime visit for free!

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7. The Docks Drive In Movie Theatre  // 176 Cherry St.

Just like in a movie, take your bae on a romantic date to the drive in theatre at Polson Pier. For $15.00 a person, you can watch a movie whether it's rain or shine and enjoy the beautiful outdoor scenery and Toronto's skyline! Check out movie times here. 

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8. Scooter's Roller Palace // 2105 Royal Windsor Dr.

The indoor rollerblading skate rink at Scooter's Roller Palace is worth the visit in Missisauga with bae! Prices range from $8.00 - $13.00, depending on the day and time. You can bring your own roller blades or rent them from Scooter's for $4.00 extra.

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9. Riddle Room // 579 Yonge St.

Choose from over 200 board games or video games in the cafe area and you can enjoy them for free as long as you have a beverage!  You can also go on a escape activity in one of the 5 riddle rooms (perhaps a double date would be more ideal for the escape rooms.)

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10. Go-Karts @ Polson Pier // 190 Cherry St.

Race bae at Toronto's only downtown go-kart track. Prices range from the amount of laps you decide to do, but the cost per one lap is $3.00.

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11. Corner Comedy Club // 163 John St.

Comedy shows are always a great idea! For $10.00 you and bae can listen and laugh along with Toronto's talent,  till your stomach hurts while having a couple of drinks.

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12. Boulderz Climbing Centre // 1444 Dupont St #16

Boulderz offers a fun atmosphere, that will bring out the adventurous side of you and bae!  For $13.95 you'll build strength and trust in your relationship because you're fully depending on their support while rock climbing!

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