Summer has finally arrived in the beautiful city of Toronto! I, for one, could not be any happier that the warm weather is here because that means I get to spend every moment possible outdoors. The worst thing about winter is having to be cooped up inside constantly, but luckily that's all over.

Toronto is full of activities to enjoy outside during the summer, so there's absolutely no reason to be bored. We've got tons of food festivals and night markets, sunny patios to drink on, hiking trails to wander through, and refreshing sugary treats to indulge in. 

Looking at all these unreal activities,
 I honestly think that summer 2018 is going to be one of the best we've ever had here in Toronto! Make the most of it and have fun! 

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Drink in the sunshine at Toronto's newest rooftop patio

Toronto's newest rooftop patio is located at SOCO Kitchen + Bar, where you'll basically be sitting directly under the CN Tower! They offer tons of amazing drinks and food options so you can lounge in their comfy patio couches and have a chill day in the sunshine. 

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Take a Stand Up Paddle Board adventure at sunset. 

The Toronto Island SUP offers tons of fun stand up paddle board adventures during the summer but their best one is definitely their Night adventure. You can paddle with a view of the gorgeous Toronto skyline at sunset, it doesn't get much prettier than that!

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Sip a delicious coffee on the backyard patio at Cafe Pamenar

Cafe Pamenar probably has the most beautiful summer patio out of all Toronto's cafes. It's shaded by trees, has vines growing all over and there's a bunch of seating which is perfect for catching up with friends or on work.

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Enjoy a gelato popsicle from Bar Ape

Bar Ape is home to some of the best gelato in the city. They started off in a small food truck making gelato popsicles covered in chocolate in super unique flavours. Now they have their own storefront where they still make their gelato pops but also gelato swirl that looks so delicious! 

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Drink margaritas on the hidden patio at El Caballito

El Caballito has one of the most fun and beautiful patios in the city. They serve some seriously delicious Mexican food for you to enjoy as well as unreal drinks like Margaritas and Mojitos!

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Go for a sunny hike through the Scarborough Bluffs

If you're looking for a short and sweet hike inside the city limits, then Scarborough Bluffs is definitely the spot. There are beaches, cliffs and bright turquoise water to experience and it won't take you long at all to hike through the area. 

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Get your tan on at Sugar Beach

Sugar Beach is Toronto's most famous beach because of the adorable pink umbrellas and white sun chairs. If you're looking for somewhere to get your tan on this summer, Sugar Beach is where you should go! 

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Treat yourself to a cinnamon bun ice cream sandwich

Rosen's Cinnamon Buns makes unreal cinnamon buns all year round but during the summer months they make something extra special. If you're looking to treat yourself this year you've got to try their cinnamon bun ice cream sandwich that is literally a little slice of heaven! 

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Enjoy a refreshing drink on the Mascot Brewery rooftop patio. 

Mascot Brewery is a super chill spot to grab a drink with your friends all year round but during the summer they open up their sunny rooftop patio! Come here for after work drinks during the work or to party on the weekend and you're guaranteed a good time.

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Enjoy some crazy food at the Asian Night Market

Toronto's Waterfront Night Market is back again this year and it's going to be bigger and better than ever. This Pan-Asian food market features all of Toronto's best Asian restaurants serving up special foods for the market. You definitely don't want to miss this one!

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Check out the book vending machine

Located at The Monkey's Paw bookstore is this super unique book vending machine that you can't find anywhere else in Canada. Buy a token for $3 and the vending machine will release a rare book for you!

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Be a serious daredevil at the CN Tower Edge Walk.

If you're not afraid of heights or just want to face your fears head-on, you should definitely try out the CN Tower Edge Walk. They are officially open for their 2018 season and you can try walking around the entire edge of the CN Tower way above the city! 

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Take a free yoga class in the Distillery District. 

OM T.O is offering a completely free yoga event on June 24th in Toronto's stunning Distillery District. It's a full day of continuous yoga classes led by the city's best instructors and it's completely free to attend!

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Watch an outdoor movie at the Open Roof Festival.

The Open Roof Festival plays awesome movies on a giant outdoor screen every Wednesday during the summer months. You can buy drinks, food and listen to live music before the movie starts! 

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