Just because first semester midterms are finally winding down doesn't mean you should be studying less! With final exams coming in the next month, it's time to crack down and pull those grades up! Though, if you are spending 90% of your life studying, it can start to feel like you have no life when you are spending it cooped up in your house 24/7. 

Luckily, Toronto is home to tons of unique and adorable study spaces from cafe and libraries to general spaces to get your readings down! By being out and about while catching up on work you'll feel 100x better about studying 24/7, so check out the perfect places to study below! 

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Coffee shops and cafes

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Hale Coffee // 300 Campbell Ave 

Hale Coffee serves up some classic aesthetic as well as the perfect place to study. With the white subway tile and light stained wood, the space is pleasing to the eye and the mind while you catch up on your work! 

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Odin // 514 King St E

Odin is a sleek and modern spot that is perfect for studying and grabbing some coffee! So station yourself and your laptop at a table and prepare to refuel throughout the day considering they've got some irresistible coffee! 

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Crema Coffee // 3079 Dundas St W 

This spot will make you feel like you're in middle school considering the retro school-style chairs and blackboard. Though the great array of table and chair sets make it so you are practically guaranteed a spot to study when you arrive after grabbing a brew! 

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Offsite // 867 Dundas St W 

This sleek spot is all white and exposed wood in the best design way possible. From the massive matte black headlamps to the movie-styled font menu board, this place will please any aesthetic enthusiast who needs to pump out an essay or two while they're there. 

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Balzac's // 1 Trinity St 

This old toy factory turned coffee shop is the perfect spot for a cup of coffee whether you are studying while enjoying it or just taking in how cool the interior is. This hands down is one of the coolest coffee shops to study in- try it out for yourself! 

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Study Spaces 

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Art Gallery of Ontario // 317 Dundas St W 

This is a great place to catch up on readings if you are looking to study in a quiet but open space. The massive window wall structure by caféAGO makes for the perfect space to do your work while you are enjoying all the natural light that pores into this space. 

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The ROM // 100 Queen's Park 

The ROM is also a great place to do some work, but more so to catch up on readings considering there aren't many tables but tons of chairs. It's definitely a unique place to study but sick if you are looking to change up your study scenery! 

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2nd Floor Lobby at The Fairmont // 100 Front St W 

The Fairmont lobby, in general, is a gorgeous space, so what better way to take advantage of the spot than to study in it?! If you go to the 2nd floor, you can chill out and catch up on some readings while people watching and appreciating the architecture during your study breaks! 

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Centre For Social Innovation // 720 Bathurst St 

The ambiance in the CSI is super inspiring in general so already this spot is great if you need some inspiration to get to work. Though the space also hosts great office spaces for you to get some work done as well if you are tired of the library! 

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Toronto Reference Library // 789 Yonge St

The Toronto Reference Library has become pretty popular on Instagram due to the mid-century aesthetic the spot has naturally. This is a great spot for any kind of work you might be needing to catch up on. Whether it's a group assignment or a solo essay that's due tomorrow, the spot works for everybody's needs! 

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Bloor-Gladstone Library // 1101 Bloor St W

Bloor-Gladstone masters the art of old and new when it comes to design. While maintaining the building's character by keeping the interior true to its original design, the glass panels and modern furniture give the spot the perfect upgrade. It's the perfect place to study if you can appreciate a good aesthetically pleasing interior and warm ambiance!  

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Lillian H. Smith Library // 239 College St 

If you love a good old school styled building then Lillian H. Smith is the place to visit. The spot features timeless architecture inside as well as a quiet and overall perfect setting to catch up on all of your assignments! 

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Civic Centre Resource Library // 2191 Major MacKenzie Dr. 

This is one of the newest libraries on this list and it has gotten some major attention for being one of the coolest libraries in the GTA. For starters, the design is extremely modern and completely different from older libraries. They've got tons of cool features like phone seats and a miniature forest inside. Plus at this spot, not only can rent out an iPad, but you can also say hello to the location's pet milk snake during your study break!

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Ryerson Student Learning Centre // 341 Yonge St 

While this technically isn't a library, it's still one of the most popular spots for Ryerson students to study. With each of the 8 floors in the building having a different theme, you can choose which kind of vibe you want to study in. Whether you want a more relaxed and laid back ambiance on the beach floor or a more quiet experience on the silent 7, there's something for everyone! 

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