If you've got a double date happening in the near future or are trying to set one up, you are probably facing the ever so steep question, where should we go? Should you go to a restaurant? A bar? Maybe do paintball or some other kind of activity? Whether you are going out with a sporty and adrenaline obsessed couple or a more chilled out pair, don't worry, we've got all the options you could ever need!

So whether you are looking for the perfect restaurant to enjoy some great food, the coolest bar to get drinks or a fun activity that will leave everyone glad they came, check out these perfect spots to have the perfect double date in the city! 

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Piano Piano // 88 Harbord St

Piano Piano has been a hot spot in Toronto when it comes to the foodie-scene, so if you and your fellow couple want to eat here you are definitely going to want to schedule a reservation! The hype has been real around this resto for good reason, considering they offer delicious staples like pasta and pizza as well as mains such as sea bass and ribeye!

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Oretta // 633 King St W

If you are looking for even more Italian food, then check out Oretta! This spot features tons of the classic Italian staples you know and love using only the freshest ingredients! Plus they've got a great deal that includes a bottle of wine and charcuterie board for $40 between 6-8pm on weekdays!

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King Taps // 100 King St W

If you are looking for some classic beer and pizza, then King Taps is 100% the place you and your friends need to go to! They have a ton of beer on tap for you to choose from to pair with whichever fresh pizza you choose!

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Mother's Dumplings // 421 Spadina Ave

This spot is especially great if you are on a budget. Considering grabbing dumplings and an appetizer won't run you more than $15! If you are stumped on choosing what to get due to all of the options, definitely try out the steamed melon vegetable dumplings and the dough twists!

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La Palma // 849 Dundas St W

While this newer spot may have an adorable exterior and ambiance, don't think that those are the only things that are great about La Palma. They've got a wicked menu featuring eats like homemade pizza, gnocchi, and Portuguese octopus that make it a must visit!

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WABar // 3 Isabella St

WABar is a great spot if you are looking to enjoy Korea Town on your double date. Not only do they host a great space but they also offer staple games like beer pong and game cube for you and bae, as well as your friends to enjoy all night long!

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Nightowl // 647 College St

Night Owl is an awesome spot for a double date considering the ambiance alone. The eccentric spot is full of life and is always packed with people ready for a good time. Factor in the fact that they've got vintage pinball machines and the perfect cheap eats to accompany your drinks and you've got yourself the perfect spot!

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SPIN // 461 King St W

If you and your date are going out with another couple, ping pong is the perfect idea! Considering you've got the perfect amount of people for some 2-on-2 rounds and SPIN has a liquor license, you can grab some beers and get in a few rounds for a fun night out!

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Ballroom Bowl // 145 John St

If ping pong isn't your thing, go bowling! Ballroom Bowl is the place to go when it comes to bowling in the city. Seeing as not only do they boast a great facility but they've got tons of TVs playing sports games as well as amazing food and drinks to accompany your game!

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Treetop Trekking // 3291 Stouffville Rd

If you and your group are thrill seekers, you should definitely consider making the trip out of the city for a treetop excursion! Especially right now considering Fall foliage is at it's prime right now, there has literally never been a better time to go trekking through the trees to spend some time with good ol' nature! 

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Pursuit OCR // 444 Dufferin St 

If you haven't heard of Pursuit OCR already, it's an indoor obstacle course (basically Kids Sports for adults), and it's amazing. While you definitely don't need to be on a double date to enjoy the fun this place has to offer, the more are always the merrier! 

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BATL Ground // 33 Villiers St

Axe throwing has been a massive thing in the city for the past little while and for good reason- who hasn't wanted to chuck an axe at a wood board at one point in their lives?! Check out BATL Ground with your friends and bae to mix things up from the traditional double date! 

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Archery District // 770 Birchmount Rd #22

Channel your inner Katniss at Archery District, minus the Hunger Games part. Whether you are down for archery tag considering you'll have a decent group for it or you just want to shoot at some targets, this is definitely different than the traditional dinner and drinks your fellow couple is probably expecting! 

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iFly Toronto // 2007 Winston Park Dr

If you are an adrenaline junkie, iFly is a great experience if you want to take a double date to the next level- literally! While it's a little outside of the city, the trip will definitely be worth it considering there is no experience like it (unless you are just casually jumping out of helicopters, if so, I take it back). 

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Rock climbing at Rock Oasis // 388 Carlaw Ave #204

If you aren't down to brave the cold and impending rainy weather this weekend but still want to do something fun and active, consider rock climbing! You can scale the walls as much as you'd like without worrying about actually you know.. tumbling to your death. 

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