Ah yes, fall. The time of year where our Instagram feeds are filled with photos of girls in knee high socks holding a PSL in a pumpkin patch, alongside a semi-reluctant bae.  This year let's try and avoid being as basic as humanly possible (which I fully admit that I am) and spread our wings to new horizons.

It's time to experience everything Toronto has to offer!  There is so much going on this time of year, and I'm making it my mission to take advantage of at least half of the things on this list.

If you're looking for a couple new date night adventure, peep my list below.


1. Go to Bellwoods Brewery for a fall patio date

Bellwoods Brewery has the perfect fall patio to enjoy a cold beer or mulled wine on.  If you and your S/O are still not ready to say goodbye to casuals on the patio, then this is an awesome option.


2. Go apple picking

Okay yes, this is somewhat cheesy.  But realistically it's a great excuse to get outside and enjoy some fall weather!


3. Check out a Toronto Ghost Walk

During the fall Toronto offers tons of cheap ghost tours and ghost walks around the city.  Why not get into the Halloween spirit and take your special someone on a "Spooky" walk through Toronto?!

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4. Go for a fall hike at Evergreen Brickworks

Evergreen Brickworks is the perfect place for a fall hike!  If you're not looking to head deep into the GTA to get in touch with nature, this is an awesome option.

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5. Cozy up at a board game bar

There is no better way to spend a rainy fall afternoon than cozied up with a latte and a few board games.

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 6. Get your adrenaline pumping at Wonderland's Halloween Haunt

Halloween Haunt is a great date night destination!  Mix things up from your usual Netflix and chill nights and head to wonderland for a thrilling evening of scary park staff, and amazing rides.

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7. Go coffee shop hopping and experience the ultimate fall drink menus

The PSL from Starbucks is so 2015.  Be a little less basic and support local Toronto coffee shops, you definitely won't regret it!

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8. Head to a thrift shop and start planning your Halloween costumes

Even if you don't end up finding the perfect Harley Quinn attire, you'll probably have a pretty entertaining afternoon trying on some ridiculous outfits with your partner.

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9. Get lost in a corn maze

Enjoy some time quality time with your partner while moseying through a corn maze.  There are a lot of farms in the GTA that have corn mazes around this type of year, so it won't be too hard to find one!

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10. Get tipsy together at Her Father's Cider Bar

Fall is the perfect time of year to enjoy some cider!  This is a great excuse to finally get around to going to Toronto's cider bar, you know you've had it on your to-do list for a while.

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11. Embrace your holiday spirit and road-trip to the Kingston Penitentiary

The Penitentiary is offering Halloween tours.  This is a super cool date idea especially if you're looking to get into the Halloween spirit.  Just make sure you make an awesome playlist for your road trip!

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12. Plan a fall camping trip, and actually follow through

This is a great option for couples with more of an adventurous side.  If you're looking to take a break from the city this fall check out some of these awesome locations that will be a perfect fit for your next camping trip!

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13. Study for midterms at one of these cool Toronto spots

Sadly, midterm season is among us.  If you're going to start studying, you might as well do it with someone you can tolerate (Which is hopefully your S/O) and in a super cool location!


14. Get scared sh*tles at Screamer's Haunted Houses

Screamers has been on my fall bucket list for the past couple of years, and I am determined to muster up the courage to go this year! If you are a brave couple with a love for anything horror related, I suggest you attend too.


15. Celebrate the start of a new sports season at a Raptors game

Raptors games are the most exciting sporting events to watch in my opinion (sorry Jays).  Treat yourself to some cheap nosebleed tickets and enjoy a night of overpriced beers and over the top Toronto pride.


15. Indulge in a fall-themed dessert at Dufflet

Dufflet never disappoints when it comes to desserts.  Their fan favourite pumpkin cheesecake is back, and you and your bae need to try it ASAP.


16. Hit up a first Thursday at the AGO

If you like art, or if you just like wine AGO first Thursdays are a great activity to take part in!  Be sure to show up a little early because this event tends to get packed pretty quick.


17.  Go shopping for your new fall wardrobe on Queen West.

Between the numerous amazing sneaker stores and awesome thrift shops, you're bound to find something to spice up your fall wardrobe!  Just make sure you don't end up buying matching outfits.


18. Have a pumpkin carving competition

Yeah okay, this is cheesy too. But hear me out, pumpkins are super cheap, and carving them is a flashback to childhood.  Have a competition on who can carve the coolest pumpkin, and post your pictures on social media for your friends to decide who won.

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19. Hit up the drive-in theater before it gets too cold!

Trust me, the drive in is way more romantic in the fall.  You'll be able to cuddle under a blanket without sweating your ass off, and you won't have to worry about mosquitos getting into your car!

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20. Partake in the Toronto Zombie Walk

Some people take this zombie walk pretty seriously, so make sure to bring your A-game.  Or, if you aren't one for dressing up this makes a pretty awesome people-watching opportunity.

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21. Attend a live performance of the music from the Nightmare Before Christmas

I've included this on the list as a subtle hint that someone needs to take me to this ASAP.  If you're dating a Nightmare Before Christmas fan, treat them right and take them to this!

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22. Get ready for winter at the Toronto Ski and Snowboard Show

If you and your S/O are into winter sports you should definitely check out the Ski and Snowboard Show!  They usually have some pretty great deals on hill memberships and equipment.

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