Toronto has lots to offer in both the summer and winter seasons. But with that, the activities there are to do when the weather gets cold, are entirely different than those when it's warmer.

So if you haven't had time to enjoy Toronto in all its summer glory so far, your days to do so are technically officially done. However with the great return of warm weather, there are many things you can still do before the weather cools down, and here's a list exactly dedicated to that!

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1. Relax on one of Toronto's finest beaches.

2. Party and day drink by the lake one more time.

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3. Catch some thrills at Canada's Wonderland.

4. Visit animals from around the world at the Toronto Zoo.

5. Dine on one of Toronto's awesome rooftop patios.

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6. Go for a hiking workout at one of many hiking trails outside of the city.

7. Trek behind, sail below or zipline across Niagara Falls.

8. Take a stroll in the Toronto Botanical Garden.

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9. Catch your last summer concert at RBC Echo Beach.

10. Walk the docks and explore Toronto's Harbourfront.

11. Have a well needed picnic at Trinity Bellwoods Park.

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12. Go for ice cream at one of Toronto's many unique ice cream shops.

13. Visit one of Toronto's free street festivals for food and live music.

14. Enjoy one of these summer desserts that aren't ice cream.

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15. Take a ferry ride to the Toronto Islands.

16. Escape a short distance from the city for a camping retreat.

17. Check out one of the city's many outdoor art installations.

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18. Go for an awesome caesar with the gang at an outdoor patio.

19. Catch the Toronto Blue Jays hit it out of the park at the Rogers Centre.

20. Go apple picking on a warm and sunny day.

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21. Wander around Kensington Market on a cute date.

22. Hit the club and enjoy saving out on paying for coat check.

23. Throw a Toronto boat party!

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24. Go for a walk in one of Toronto's many nature filled parks

25. Take part in some kayaking lessons with the squad. 

26. Take in one of the many smells of the city before the cold air nips your nose.

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