The month of February is known across Canada as being one the coldest, darkest and most depressing months of the year. February and January are known to have the coldest average temperatures of the entire year in Toronto with less than 4 hrs on average of sunshine a day!

Yup, it can get pretty sad here in Toronto in the month of February but there's also a ton of things that Toronto has planned for us to cheer us up again. Toronto has an abundance of free events, winter activities, art installations and so much more to offer us this month!

There's no reason to stay inside and wish that it would get warmer because the city of Toronto knows how to lift our spirits up during these cold winter months!

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30. Check out the stunning Toronto Light Festival in the Distillery District.

The Toronto Light Festival is an annual event to bring some light into those cold, dark days of winter. Then festival started on January 19th and goes until March 4th! You'll see tons of amazing light art installations that light up the entire Distillery District.

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29. Don't miss out on the Winter Stations at the beach.

Every year the Winter Stations Design Competition chooses 7 winners to create a unique installation on each of the lifeguard stations on The Beaches waterfront. The installations will be open and ready for the public starting on February 19th-April 1st!

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28. Go for a late-night skate at The Bentway skate trail under the Gardiner!

Toronto just recently opened up it's much-anticipated new skating trail to the public and it's already an insanely popular winter spot. If you haven't already been, you definitely need to go because entrance is completely free and skate rentals are only $10!

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27. Tobogganing (or Toboozaning) at Riverdale Park with a view of the city!

This is probably the #1 park in the city for winter tobogganing. The hill is massive so you get the optimal length each ride, although the hike back up is quite the workout. But you also get a seriously gorgeous view of Toronto's skyline that makes for a romantic date or a fun evening with friends.

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26. Check out some free movies at the TIFF Next Wave Film Festival.

The TIFF Next Wave Film Festival is an exciting event that is put on by a group of 12 students every year. The event is focused on inspiring young teens that are interested in the film industry and with the help of the TIFF staff they create an amazing event! All the films are free for anyone under 25 but a lot of the films are free for all as well.

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25. Head down to Ontario Place to check out the Winter Light Exhibition.

From December 8th - March 18th there's a huge winter exhibit happening at Toronto's Ontario Place. Admission is completely free and the space holds 12 illuminated installations by local artists! They also have a skating rink that is also completely free to use while you're down there.

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24. Check out the ice sculptures at the Bloor-Yorkville Icefest!

Every year the Bloor-Yorkville are hosts a massive Icefest where they display over 70,000 lbs of ice carved into stunning sculptures! The festival will be running for one weekend only on February 24th and 25th so don't miss out!

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23. Head down to the Harbourfront for a DJ Skate Night.

Every Saturday night of the winter months the Harbourfront Centre hosts a super fun event called DJ Skate Night. The event starts at 8pm and goes until 11pm where you can skate on their amazing rink while listening to a live DJ!

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22. Catch a concert at the Canadian Opera Company.

For the entire winter, the Canadian Opera Company is hosting a free concert series! You can watch talented and passionate artists perform in an intimate, yet beautiful setting.

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21. Watch a stunning sunset over the city at Polson Pier.

Polsion Pier is the #1 spot in Toronto for views of the city skyline! If you just look through the Instagram location of this place it will make you insanely excited to go and test out your photography skills. It's even more beautiful in the evening when you can watch the sun go down!

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20. Go for a winter stroll through High Park.

High Park is Toronto's largest and most exciting park. There's beautiful cherry blossoms in the spring, a full zoo all year round and a winter wonderland scene in the winter months! It's the perfect spot to take a winter stroll with your S/O, friends or family.

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19. Skating at the magical Nathan Philips Square skating rink!

This is an iconic winter activity in Toronto and the city has made it even more iconic by adding the giant 'Toronto' sign in front. It's the perfect place to take stunning photos of the city and enjoy a classic winter activity.

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18. Visit this year's Ice Breakers installations.

The Ice Breakers exhibit is similar to the Winter Stations exhibit but it spans from Yonge Street to Bathurst at Toronto's waterfront. This exciting winter exhibit started on January 19th and goes until February 25th.

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17. Take a short trip outside Toronto to see the frozen wonder that is Tiffany Falls in the winter!

Located in Hamilton, Ontario which is just a 50 minute drive from downtown Toronto are these stunning waterfalls! In the winter months they freeze to create a breathtaking winter scene that is well worth the view.

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16. Visit the iconic Graffiti Alley for amazing pictures.

This is Toronto's most famous alley, for obvious reasons. The entire alley is covered from head to toe in gorgeous graffiti that makes for the perfect city spot for pictures!

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15. Escape the winter cold at Allan Gardens Conservatory.

This beautiful garden conservatory is Toronto's urban jungle! Entrance to the gardens is completely free so you can spend hours wandering through the winding trails past adorable plants and flowers and escape the winter cold.

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14. Have a photoshoot at Toronto's Underpass Park.

The Underpass Park located in Corktown is one of the coolest spots in the city for photos. It's located beneath the overpass of Adelaide, Eastern and Richmond and has since been designed into a beautiful park with amazing painted art murals!

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13. Enjoy outdoor winter sports on the Toronto Island.

The Toronto Island becomes a gorgeous winter wonderland during these frigid months but it also offers a great spot for some fun outdoor sports. Since it's been so cold people have actually been skating on Lake Ontario! But if you're not brave enough for that there's tons of hiking, snowshoeing and cross country skiing hills over there.

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12. Wander the unique streets of Kensington Market.

Kensington Market is one of Toronto's most unique and fun neighbourhoods. There's all sorts of cool shops, restaurants and cafes and the streets are covered in cool graffiti! It's a great place to walk around, grab a coffee or a bite or even just window shop.

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11. Visit the Aga Khan Museum of Islamic Art.

The Aga Khan Museum is a beautifully designed museum that is full of exhibits displaying Islamic Art. Get unique insights and perspectives into Islamic civilizations through this unique museum. On Wednesday evenings entrance to the museum is completely free!

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10. Take a trip out to the Arrowhead Provincial Park skate trail.

Located just 2 hours outside of Toronto is a skating experience you're going to want to take this winter! It's a 1.3 km long skate trail in the heart of Arrowhead Provincial Park. They even though late night 'Fire and Ice' events with tiki torches lining the trail.

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9. Visit the gorgeous Art Gallery Of Ontario.

The AGO is famous across Toronto and the rest of Ontario for it's beautiful design and even more beautiful exhibits. It can be a bit pricey to visit there sometimes but every Wednesday from 6-9pm you can visit the gallery completely free!

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8. Peruse the isles of the amazing St. Lawrence Market.

The St. Lawrence Market is one of Toronto's most iconic locations. They have all kinds of goodies inside like their farmer's market on Saturdays, antique market on Sundays, and local market all week long! You can wander through and admire all the fresh foods or you can buy some to go.

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7. Explore the hiking trails at Evergreen Brickworks.

The Evergreen Brickworks is currently being re-developed into a unique and special year-round space for all Torontonians to enjoy. This area of the Don Valley is also home to tons of hiking trails that are great even in the winter.

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6. Enjoy a winter wonderland hike through Rouge Park.

The Rouge National Urban Park is located at the east end of Scarborough and is home to some of the most amazing views of nature year round. In the fall, the leaf peeping here is breath taking, but in the winter it turns into a real winter wonderland!

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5. Spend some time in the quiet of the Toronto Reference Library.

The Toronto Reference Library is known around the city as one of the most beautiful spots to spend time. It's the perfect place to grab a coffee, catch up on some work or just grab a book from one of the isles and read!

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4. Visit the Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery's winter exhibitions.

Located at the Harbourfront Centre is this year-round contemporary art gallery that features some amazing and unique installations. They are kicking over their winter exhibitions on January 26th and entrance to all the exhibits are completely free!

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3. Take a free tour around Toronto with the Tour Guys!

The Tour Guys offer completely free walking tours around the top sights in Toronto. Even if you're from the city this is a great way to get out there and explore, take photographs and admire what this great city has to offer. The tours technically have a 'pay what you feel' mantra and they encourage you to tip your guide but it is free!

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2. Visit Cloud Gardens for a tropical paradise in the city.

The Cloud Gardens Conservatory is located in the heart of downtown Toronto and is completely free to the public! When you walk in you'll feel like you were transported to a tropical paradise.

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1. Attend one of the monthly Pug Grumbles!

The Toronto Pug Grumbles are a monthly meet-up for pug owners to bring their pups to meet other pups! It's an adorable event that is completely open to all pug owners and pug lovers each month.

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