If you've been outside at all in the last week you already know how amazing the weather has been. I mean it's only March and it already feels like spring outside!

It's pretty exciting that we're getting an early end to this brutal winter because this barely ever happens. In fact, for most of March last year the weather in Toronto was hovering around -13 to -3 degrees with a few warm days thrown in there.

Now that we're all sufficiently counting our blessings for the amazing temperatures right now, we can all agree that it's time to get out there and celebrate it! Explore new parts of the city, visit museums you've never been to, explore historic sites and make the most of spring!

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30. Check out the Winter Stations in The Beaches.

The amazing art installations on The Beaches boardwalk are back and better than ever this year! This unique event will be going on until April 1st so make sure you get down there and take advantage of the gorgeous weather.

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29. Visit the Allan Gardens for their Spring Flowers Bloom.

The Allan Gardens Conservatory is a plant oasis in the middle of the city! From February 26th to April 29th the gorgeous plants in these hidden gardens start to bloom and you'll see bright coloured, fragrant flowers like you never have before!

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28. Wander through Ontario Place's Winter installations.

Ontario Place set up a fun winter exhibition with art installations, skating, and lots of lights that is completely open to the public. It ends March 18th so make sure you get over there to check it out soon!

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27. Watch the Oscar's at the Gladstone Hotel.

On March 4th The Gladstone Hotel is hosting an Oscar's Viewing Party that definitely shouldn't be missed. Entrance to the event is completely free and you can purchase drinks and food while you're there!

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26. Admire the visual arts exhibits at the Harbourfront Centre.

The Harbourfront Centre is a not-for-profit indoor/outdoor complex dedicated to the arts so you can always expect them to have amazing free events going on. Head over to The Powerplant location and see all kinds of amazing visual arts exhibits on all month long.

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25. Embrace the Spring weather and go for a hike on the West Humber Trail.

Located on the west side of the city, not far from the Toronto Airport is this gorgeous hiking trail that you need to explore this Spring. It's filled with bridges, picturesque waterfalls and tons of nature!

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24. Don't miss the last few days of the amazing TO Light Fest in the Distillery District!

If you haven't been down to the Distillery District to see the amazing light festival taking place there, you only have a short time left to see it! The stunning display of lights in one of Toronto's most historic areas will be ending on March 4th.

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23. Explore the unique Gardiner Museum exhibits.

The Gardiner Museum is located in the Yorkville area and is an amazing spot to explore if you love art as much as you love saving money. Every Tuesday post secondary students get free admission and on Fridays from 4-9pm admission is half price for everyone!

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22. Read one of a kind manuscripts at the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library.

Located at UofT is one of the world's most impressive collection of books! Peruse the impressive aisles filled with one of a kind novels and rare manuscripts. They even have a series of 'monsters' volumes that date back to the 18th century!

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21. Explore Toronto's haunted Gibraltar Point Lighthouse.

Located on the Toronto Island is the oldest landmark in Toronto, the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse. Built back in 1807 this is where the city's first lightkeeper was murdered in 1815 and it's said to be haunted to this day! Are you brave enough to visit at night?

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20. Admire some art at Struck Contemporary Art Gallery.

Located in The Annex is this unique art gallery that's completely free to peruse during their opening hours. It boasts a huge selection of pop art and contemporary art pieces including works by famous artists like Andy Warhol and  Yayoi Kusama.

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19. Go street art hunting in Toronto's Queen West area.

Anywhere from Spadina to Roncessvalles you can find amazing street art if you walk along Queen West. In hidden alleys on this street you can find an impressive amount of street art highlighting the talent this city has to offer. Take a few photo ops and enjoy the walk in the beautiful weather!

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18. Go for a sunny spring walk in Trinity Bellwoods Park.

Now that the weather is finally warming up and we can feel the sun on our faces again, it's the perfect time to go for a walk in the park. Grab your BFF, S/O or family member stop for a coffee and then soak in the sun!

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17. Experience a tropical oasis in the city at Cloud Gardens.

The Cloud Gardens are an amazing green space in the city that's free to everyone who wants to visit! The space offers award-winning design mixed with an urban tropical greenhouse that will make you feel like escaped the city centre entirely.

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16. Take a stroll through the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Toronto's Museum of Contemporary Art is growing bigger every year and they always have new and interesting exhibits going on. Entrance to the museum is completely free for all exhibits! They will be reopening after renovations this Spring at the end of May.

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15. Hike the Cedar Trail past Rouge River Valley.

Located in Rouge National Urban Park in Scarborough is a stunning river valley that is magical every season of the year. Hike the Cedar Trail for amazing views of this stunning piece of nature in the city.

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14. Take a free tour of Toronto with the Tour Guys.

The Tour Guys offer completely free tours of the city's top spots, landmarks and areas! If you're looking to learn a little bit more about Toronto, this is the perfect way to do it.

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13. Explore Toronto's Bata Shoe Museum.

On Thursday evenings anyone who chooses to explore the stunning Bata Shoe Museum between  5-8pm can enter for free! You'll get access to all the exhibits for nothing at all but it is technically 'pay what you can' with a suggested donation of $5.

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12. Experience Toronto's Ice Breakers event on the waterfront.

Located on the west side of Toronto's waterfront is the Ice Breakers event with amazing art installations. The event should be ending this week but they've decided to extend it until March 18th!

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11. Take in the beauty and quiet of the Toronto Reference Library.

The Toronto Reference Library is one of the most iconic locations in the city. It's a gorgeous library filled with rare books and tons of quiet space to study, work or read casually.

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10. Go window shopping in Toronto's Yorkville area.

The Yorkville area is one of Toronto's most ritzy areas and it's filled with gorgeous shops, cute cafes and delicious restaurants. It will definitely be hard not to buy anything while you're here but you can treat yourself to a coffee and maybe even a nice lunch and enjoy your window shopping outing!

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9. Visit the Sugar Shack TO on Sugar Beach.

Head down to Sugar Beach on March 10th and 11th and enjoy a sugary treat! The Sugar Shack TO is setting up shop and offering maple taffy, ice activities, a winter marketplace, a bar, a warming station, live entertainment and more! Entrance to the event is completely free.

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8. Visit Toronto's infamous 'Half House'.

Toronto's half house is a unique phenomenon that you really can't find anywhere else. Believe it or not it was actually once a full house and only half of it was torn down, leaving what we see here today!

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7. Watch a beautiful sunset over the city at Riverdale Park.

Riverdale Park offers a stunning view of Toronto's city skyline and is a popular destination year round for photographers. In the winter this spot is perfect for tobogganing and in the summer for picnics and sports! Head here in the evening and get a gorgeous view of the sunset over the city.

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6. Go for a late night skate on The Bentway Skate Trail.

The brand new skate trail that opened up this winter under the Gardiner is already a huge hit with Torontonians. If you haven't been yet, now's probably your last chance because the weather is heating up and they might not be able to maintain it for much longer!

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5. Go for a sunny stroll through Kensington Market.

Once Spring rolls around, Kensington Market comes alive again! It's a bustling, unique and vibrant area that is so fun to explore. Window shop, grab a coffee, and eat an amazing lunch at any number of delicious restaurants in the area.

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4. Visit the AGO to see some amazing art exhibits.

Currently, the famous Yayoi Kusama exhibit is taking place at the AGO and if you haven't got your tickets, then you're out of luck for that one. But luckily you can still visit all of the other exhibits for free on Wednesday nights from 6-9pm!

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3. Go for a hike and explore the Toronto Island.

Grab a ferry out to the Toronto Island and spend your day exploring the fun, nature filled area! There's so much to explore here from stunning views of the city skyline, to sandy beaches, to biking and hiking trails!

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2. Head over to the Aga Khan Museum.

The Aga Khan Museum is dedicated to Islamic art and culture. The building itself is gorgeous and what's inside will open your eyes to Islamic civilizations and offer a new perspective. On Wednesday evenings entrance to this museum is completely free!

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1. Peruse the isles filled with food at the St. Lawrence Market.

The St. Lawrence Market is an iconic location in Toronto and beloved by every Torontonian. It's filled with stands selling the freshest food in the city from fish to cheese to meats! You can also find booths selling delicious meals as well.

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