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Free is the only way to do fall. Not only does nature give you a visual eyegasm of colours at no charge, the City of Toronto does the same with plenty of activities that won't cost you a cent.

See what you can do this month entirely for free with our 30 suggestions below.

1. Free Anime At The Revue

Anime fans will be happy to know they can see some on the big screen. Four different films will be screened, Cyborg 009 + The Dagger of Kamui + Mai Mai Miracle + Akira, on October 8, 15, 22, 29 respectively.

2. Watch the buskers at Dundas Square

Whatever your taste in free entertainment, you can satisfy it at this happening spot in the heart of downtown. Grab a seat, watch the break-dancers, and commiserate with your friends about how few of those impressive moves you can do.

3. Host a clothing swap to get a fresh fall wardrobe

Clothing swaps are great. This is an indisputable fact. Invite all of your most fashionable friends, and give your closet a makeover without dropping a dime!

4. Get in on the free Wi Fi at Christie Pitts Park

What's better than being able to use your phone to win an argument without eating at any of your data? Now imagine doing this while basking in the sun over pumpkin spiced lattes. Pure bliss.

5. Resist the urge to eat poutine

It's so overdone, and fall is a season of change, so switch up your very bad eating habits. Go eat a pumpkin pie, or something.

6. Try to spot filming locations used in Orphan Black and Hannibal

To tide yourself over until these awesome shows come back on air in the spring, go on a scavenger hunt around the city before it gets too cold and reminisce about your favourite scenes while standing in the very spots where they were filmed. It's the closest many of us will ever get to actually touching Hugh Dancy.

7. Spend an afternoon at Riverdale Park Farm

Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city without ever actually leaving it. Riverdale Park Farm is located just east of downtown, but it's still a fully functioning farm. Hang out with some chill animals and farm staff on a crisp fall afternoon of your choosing.

8. Build a blanket fort in your living room and tell ghost stories

Easily turn this into a sophisticated affair by incorporating wine and cheese.

9. Express yourself at Night of the Living Zines

This zine-making worshop and all-nighter falls just before the Toronto Queer Zine Fair. Learn to make your first zine, or share trade secrets with other veterans on Friday October 3rd at 8:00pm at CSI on Spadina.

10. Jump in a pile of leaves at High Park

Take a moment to relive your childhood at one of Toronto's most picturesque parks. Feel the satisfying crunch of leaves beneath your boots, breath in the refreshing fall air, and giggle like an eight year old as you leap into a heaping mass of foliage before it's all covered in snow.

11. Watch more TV

One of the best things about the weather getting colder is that it gives you an excuse to hibernate, and with the fall TV lineup starting up, there's no limit to the shows you can watch while bundled up in your living room with a cup of hot chocolate.

12. Dig your onesie and/or snuggie out of storage

Tangentially related to the last point, being bundled up and as comfortable as possible while watching some great TV or reading a good book is a fantastic way to celebrate the beginning of fall. Extra points for leaving the house in your onesie on a late night food run. Not that this writer has ever done that.

13. Check out CINSSU's free screening of Spike Lee's “She's Gotta Have It.”

Toronto movie buffs rejoice! This screening is happening on Friday October 3rd at 7:00 pm at Muzzo Family Alumni Hall.

14. Take advantage of Toronto's Discovery Walks

Before it's too cold to be outside for an extended period of time, check out the interconnecting trails around the city that link up parks, ravines, and beaches. This municipally-funded institution is great for seasoned hikers, as well as those who just want a bit of fresh air.

15. Have a smoke at Trinity Bellwoods Park

If you're not feeling particularly sporty, but still want to spend some time outside, hang out with some friends at one of the hipper parks in the city. Perfect for hipsters and those who like to sneer at hipsters.

16. Go to Yorkville and try to spot Drake or Justin Bieber

It's a poorly kept secret that these two Toronto-raised celebrities frequent a lot of Yorkville bars and restaurants. Bonus points to those who can skillfully take selfies with them in the background.

17. Compile a fall playlist

What songs pump you up for the changing seasons? Now is a great time to start brainstorming songs that get you in the mood for sweaters, scarves, and warm drinks. See how many Toronto artists you can include!

18. Take a walk through Parkdale while listening to Parkdale by Metric

Analyze the lyrics or just enjoy the meta experience. The point is, this is a great song.

19. Peruse the knick-knacks at Blue Banana

Next time you're hanging out at Kensington Market, take a break from the cold by wandering through the isles of one of the most random stores in the neighbourhood. If you're ever going to find the fridge magnet or graphic sock of your dreams, it's going to happen here.

20. Explore Honest Ed's again before it closes down!

There's only a few months left before we lose this Toronto icon for good. Make the most of the time we have left this month and see what weird and wacky treasures you can dig up.

21. Check out the free anime film screenings at the Revue

Beginning October 8th and going on all month, these screenings will be of cult anime films from the '80s to the present. Head over to the Revue on Roncesvalles Avenue to get your fill.

22. Do some fall cleaning before you hibernate

The looming winter ensures that over the next few months, you're going to be spending a lot more time at home than you were in the last half of the year. It's best to start this chapter on the right foot, with a pristine home you'll be excited to come back to.

23. Head over to Video Vengance's free screening of WACKO 1982

Get yourself warmed up for the Halloween season with the screening of this slasher classic on October 19th at Modern Superior. Screening begins at 8:00 pm.

24. Take a walk through one of the city's university campuses

School's back, and the campus' are buzzing with students. Take in the exuberance and idealism of the freshmen, and think back to the days when you weren't so jaded.

25. Take instagram pictures of the changing colours of tree leaves

It's inescapable. Fall is a beautiful time of year. Impress your friends with your photography skills, and pay respects to the majesty of this season.

26. Make fun of people who take instagram pictures of the changing colours of tree leaves

Seriously, who do those guys think they are? So. Basic.

27. Dig out your Halloween decorations

Get into the season's festivities by making your home ready for Halloween! Let no one who visits you think you don't have the spirit in you.

28. Incorporate more orange and black into your October wardrobe

A quick and easy way to celebrate in style. All it takes is centering your outfit around this colour theme a few times a week!

29. Watch reruns of your favourite Halloween movies

Poltergeist, Bewitched, or Halloween. Whatever your flavour, let these films spark your excitement for this month's Halloween events. An added bonus: They'll provide great inspiration for last minute Halloween costumes!

30. Participate in the Zombie Walk and Halloween Parade

Round off the month with this fun, all inclusive event. Even if you don't want to dress up and show off your awesome costume idea, you can have just as much fun watching it roll through town. Registration has already begun, so mark out your spot now to ensure that this Halloween is your spookiest one yet!

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