There is always something happening in Toronto, and your first year of university is the prime time to take advantage of everything the city has to offer.

Whether you're looking to drink your face off, explore the city, or meet new people, Toronto is definitely the place to do all of the above!  If you're stumped on where to begin, check out my bucket list of activities below!

Welcome to the city guys, enjoy! 

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1. Attend Toronto Frosh Fest

You're a freshman, it's basically your civil duty to go to this! 

2. If you're a skateboarder, attend Toronto's annual Board Meeting

This is the ultimate skateboarding event in the city, so be sure not to miss it on September 10th!

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3. Catch a Movie at TIFF

Toronto has some amazing movies coming to TIFF this year that you definitely need to see if you're in the city.

4. Indulge at the Toronto Junk Food Festival

You're basically expected to live off junk food in your first year of university, so embrace it and head to the junk food festival!

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5. Go to Emo Night at Sneaky Dees

Embrace your inner pop-punk kid and head to Sneaky Dees every Friday for emo night.  Nothing more nostalgic than moshing to Sum41.

6. Shop for dorm room decor at Kensington Market

If you're looking for an amazing tapestry or quirky knick knacks to spice up your dorm room, then Kensington is your ideal shopping destination.

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7. Rent one of Toronto's City Bikes and tour the city

This is a great way to stay active and see as much of Toronto as possible in one day!  Plus bike rentals are fairly cheap as well.

8. Appreciate the fall leaves at Trinity Bellwoods Park

Trinity Bellwoods is one of the cutest parks in the city, making it the perfect location for a morning stroll.

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9. Experience Nuit Blanche

If you're an art lover or you just like exploring the city, you're sure to love Nuit Blanche.  Toronto is full of crazy installations all around the city during Nuit Blanche, and its constantly changing every year.

10. Go to Screamers Haunted Houses at Exhibition

Screamers is mainly for the brave.  So, if you get scared easily I suggest you find a different way to celebrate Halloween.

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11. Catch a free concert on Indie Fridays at Yonge and Dundas Square

A free concert in the heart of the city is always a good way to spend Friday night!

12. Take advantage of the cheap deals Winterlicious

Winterlicious is basically catered to broke students who consider themselves foodies.

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13. Get rowdy while watching a game in Maple Leaf Square

There is nothing like showing your Toronto pride with a bunch of other dedicated sports fans.  Plus its free!

14. Visit the Royal Winter Fair

Between all the cute animals, tasty food, and quirky vendors this place if definitely a great activity to take part in during the colder months!

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15. Explore Graffiti Alley

Toronto has a bunch of really awesome street art, and this is a great place to see a lot of it all at once.

 16. Go Taboozing at High Park

Because tobogganing gets a lot more interesting after 5 beers. 

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17. Study for Midterms at the Toronto Reference Library

You'll feel studious AF here, and hopefully less distracted than you would studying at home.

18. Get drunk off mulled wine at the Christmas Market

The Christmas Market is one of the cutest places in the city once holiday season rolls around.  Be sure to grab a group of friends and head down to the distillery for the perfect photo op!

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19. Go ice skating at Nathan Philips Square

This is super cheesy, but will definitely get you into the holiday spirit!

20. Visit Allan Gardens to get a taste of summer during the winter

Sometimes all you need to cure your winter blues are a couple pretty flowers.  Pretend you're in the tropics while looking at the beautiful greenery at Allan Gardens in the middle of winter.

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21. Attempt to go Boxing Day shopping on Queen W.

This is a mission in itself, but the deals are completely worth it.

22. De-stress at the petting zoo in High Park

It's free, and there are cute animals.  This is basically the best place to go in the city if exams are stressing you out.

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23. Have lunch at the St. Lawrence Market

If you're a sucker for a good farmer's market then you've found your new favourite spot in the city!

24. Take a tour of the Steam Whistle Brewery

Steam Whistle gives out complimentary beer samples.  I don't think I need to explain any further.

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25. Go for a hangover brunch at Starving Artist

Waffles cure most problems in life, including really bad hangovers.

26. Take advantage of your student discount at the AGO

The AGO is the perfect place to spend a Sunday in the city. 

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 27. Go bar hopping on Adelaide

Adelaide is full of student bars that are super close to one another which makes the prime location to bar hop.

28. Attend Toronto's 12 Bars / Bunny Hop

This is basically an excuse to drink with every other Toronto student, so make new friends and party until dawn!

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 29. Visit the Cherry Blossom Trees at High Park

High park is beautiful in the spring time especially once the cherry blossoms bloom!

30. Hit up Sonic Boom on Record Store Day

Sonic Boom is one of the biggest record stores in the city, and they often have deals for record store day.

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31. Bring your student card and party at Dance Cave with discounted cover

Dance cave offers 5 dollar cover when you show a valid student ID, which leaves more money for drinks!

32. Cure your hangover with Ceasars from Harlem

Chicken and waffles on a Ceasar? Yes I am absolutely in.

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33. Go Thrifting in Parkdale

Can't say no to cheap clothes when you're on a student budget!

34. Go to Sweet Jesus to see what all the hype is about...

And definitely don't forget to Instagram it! 

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35. Go for budget friendly drinks and food at the Warehouse

You can't say no to cheap drinks and good food. 

36. Visit Ripley's for Sharks After Dark event

After 7 PM Ripley's offers their "Sharks after Dark" access, which is basically discounted tickets for the evenings.

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