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6 Tropical Tiki Bars In Toronto You Need To Try This Summer

Get your tik-aye on.

Who doesn't love a theme bar?! With all of the amazing creatives in Toronto, we are #blessed to have an abudance of fun and themed places to go to for whatever mood we're in or friend we're taking.

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Tiki bars however are amazing for those who are in desperate need of a vacation but might not have that highly desired cash to back it up. We've picked the top-6 places to take you out of Toronto and into your tropical paradise.  

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1. The Shameful Tiki Room // 1378 Queen Street West

This authentic af tiki bar only popped up a couple years ago but has quickly become one of our favourite spots. Order up some jungle birds (rum, pineapple and lime) or splurge on a shareable Mystery Bowl cocktail. 

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2. Salt Wine Bar // 225 Ossington Ave. 

Salt may not look like a tiki bar but it definitely tastes like one. Their custom made pina coladas and Corn'n'oils are packed with island flavours. 

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3. Miss Thing's // 1279 Queen Street West

So many good things going on here. Miss Thing's kills the tiki decor, looking like it's fresh out of Honolulu. Their mai tais are something to write home about, always served with a little city flair to the tropical vibe. 

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4. The Shore Leave // 1775B Danforth Ave.

A good place to bring those who aren't totally sold on tiki, The Shore Leave offers tons of craft brews for you & your gang as well as a ton of tiki bevvys. 

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5. Bovine Sex Club // 542 Queen Street West

This rock n'roll punk bar has a soft side - we call him the tiki bar. This patio is one of the best kept secrets in Toronto for an island getaway, hidden in the unsuspecting grungier side of Queen West. 

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6. Patois Toronto // 318 Spadina Ave. 

While not technically a tiki bar, Patois is all about the island flavours. They kill it with amazing Carribean/Asian food and drinks made - and served in- real fruit.  

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