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8 Unusual Places To Have Sex In Toronto

Sex IN the city.

They say the average person has sex 89 times per year...I guess December is going to be a busy month!  The following are a few spots to help you hit your quota.  (You can still have outdoor sex in December because body heat, ok. #science).

Side Note:  I tried to make this list as realistic as possible while still being unusual, because it's more fun that way.  These are all places where people totally have sex, as I have discovered via. the internet and/or word of mouth.  Enjoy!


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1. The Red Canoe


Apparently this is actually a thing.  And I know people who have done it.  But it makes total sense when you think about it.  It's a little higher than waist deep, it looks out over the lake and has a beautiful view of the CN tower at night, it's fairly secluded, and it was rated 10th best makeout spot in the city by BlogTO.  Plus lets recall the amount of sexual tension that occurred in the Notebook when Noah took Allie for a canoe ride—there's just something about canoes.


Photo via ROM

2. The Bat Cave at the ROM

Apparently this is a thing too.  The Toronto Star reported in their list of public makeout spots that the "creatures in this cave have seen more action than Batman," according to museum officials.  Well it is dark in there, and the bat sounds would mask any noise.  I'd say at a less-busy time of day, this one could be pulled off!  Some people probably get turned on by museums, right?  History can be sexy.


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3. Hanlan's Point Beach

Sex on the Beach isn't just a cocktail.  Plus Hanlan's Point is a nude beach so you're already halfway there.  It's actually one of the few places where full nudity is permitted in a public place in all of Canada.  Thank goodness Toronto is so progressive! When the sun starts to go down this one could totally be pulled off!  Just lay a blanket down while the sun begins to set—can't get much more romantic than that.



Photo via Marriott Hotels

4. Stadium View Suite at the Renaissance Toronto

You can score in more ways than one.  The Renaissance Hotel is built right into the Rogers Centre, and some of their rooms offer a view of the stadium.  It's not uncommon to spot people having sex through the hotel's windows, especially if you have a pair of binoculars. There are so many baseball-related sexual innuendos that can be made here.  It's a pricey place to get down in, as rates are $500+ per night for rooms that face the field.  But this would be a really cool special occasion date!  You definitely wont be striking out—even if the players are.


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5. The bathrooms at Mildred's Temple Kitchen

This restaurant has actually been known to encourage guests to have sex in their bathrooms.  Managers at Mildred's Temple Kitchen were in the spotlight in 2010 for encouraging customers to sneak away to their washroom on Valentine's Day to relieve themselves...in more ways than one. The washrooms are unisex and very spacious.  They even have a nice little bench with pillows—there's basically a bed in the washroom.  These bathrooms even won third place in Canada's Best Washroom Contest that same year.  I wonder why?  I guess you can get more than one kind of sausage for brunch at Mildred's.

Back Camera

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6. The yellow staircase in OCAD


If you go to the very top, you can hear when anyone enters. Therefore, it's a safe choice. Thats why the staircases at OCAD have been a sexytime hot spot for students for years.  The yellow staircase has six floors and connects the Sharp Center of Design to the main building. It also has colourful murals sprawled all over the walls—so your booty wont be the only work of art in that stairwell.


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7. The Toronto Reference Library

Those secluded rows of bookshelves are basically asking for it.  It's like the perfect hiding place.  If you think this one is impossible to pull off, I've read several threads on Reddit that say otherwise.  People totally get down in the Reference Library.  It will be like a Mike and Rachel moment in Suits when Mike admits he never went to Harvard...just pretend you're in a filing room and not a library.  Whatever, same diff.


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Photo via Oasis Aqualounge

8. Oasis Aqualounge

Yes, this is a sex club.  Oasis Aqualounge is an upscale sex club on Mutual Street.  And it's totally cheaper to go in pairs. They even have student deals and student nights where you have to be 35 and under with a student ID to get in.  Even if this seems totally weird to you, you don't have to engage in group sex once you're inside, or even be near it.  You can totally go off on your own as a couple.  And wouldn't it would be totally hilarious to get wasted and go for the bizarre experience?  Maybe not.  But there's only one way to find out!

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