The long weekend doesn't come around too often, so obviously we have to hype the awkward party mingling We all know how it goes - people awkwardly clutching their red cups, thinking of the next spot to hit, everyones about to open Uber when some drunk girl yells, who wants to play flip?!

But you're not the classic partier, you're a Toronto partier. We not basic here (all the time), so branch up from the safety of flip cup and beer pong and try these games that will bring your party to the next level.

But remember, we get it- you can through a ball into a cup so enjoy responsibly.

1. Sip Sip Shot

This one may as well be called duck duck grey goose. Taking the classic duck duck goose the rules are simple; players sit in a circle and someone goes around tapping people on the head saying sip, if you get tapped on the head and the person says shot you have to stand up and chase them around the circle. If you can beat them back to your spot, you don't have to take a shot. If not? You can probably guess, you have to take a shot.

2. Buffalo/Buffalo Club

This one is for someone who is looking for a lifetime challenge, literally. If you play the game you'd be part of the "Buffalos" a club or possibly idiots or visionaries depending on how you look at it. The rules are simple, if you are ever caught holding your drink with your non-dominant hand, you have to chug your entire drink.

3. Ping Pong Pang

Hailing from Japan, this is a simple game that is based off the premise that people can't really f*cking speak when they're drunk. In groups of three, someone starts it off by yelling Ping, next one yells Pong and the last Pang. Then they have to start again, but if you hesitate at any point you have to drink. Maybe even more fun to watch, in Japan people watching usaully yell "Iki, iki, iki" which means "Drink, drink, drink".

4. Possum Outside Of New Zealand

If you think the game can't be weirder than the title, you're wrong. The game seems pretty lonely, but I you'd at least come out of it with a if not questionable, entertaining story. Basically, you climb up a tree with a dozen beers and you're not allowed down until you finish all of them. (I'd grab some friends to keep you company.....or maybe a net)

5. Confident

Time to either confirm or crush your ego. Probably one of the simplest drinking games, all you need is a group of friends, a cup and a coin. Everyone sits in a circle with a cup in the middle. When it's your turn you pour however much of your drink into the cup as you want, flip a coin and call heads or tails. If you're right, you move to the next person. If you're wrong, you have to drink whatever you (and anyone else before you) put in the cup.

6. Pizza Box

A little more set up, but you know you'll want to order pizza at the end of the night anyways, so why not save you some trouble and do it before you're too drunk to call? Rip off the top of the pizza box and every person playing will take turns flipping a quater into the box. Write your name and circle it whever the quater lands. After everyone's name is on the box people take turns bouncing the quater off the table into the box; if it lands on a persons name that person has to drink. If it lands on an empty spot, that person has to draw another shape and write a rule/action in it. If another person bounces the quater into one of those, they have to do whatever rule/action that person wrote down. Now we're getting creative.

7. Governor

One of my favourites because it seems like you can pull out some ridiculous accents while calling someone Governor. All you need is a group of friends that can count to 21, seriously, that's all. You and your friends count to 21, whoever ends up saying 21 is the governor. (Everyone cheers, accents are encouraged etc.) The governor get's to make a rule. Some notable examples include, all odd numbers have to drink, the person who says 15 has to Samba, or you any numbers that are divisible by 3 have to be yelled. The weirder the better. All the rules are legit until you're done playing, so a couple rounds in will already be getting very confusing.

8. Where's The Water

I'd stay away from this one if your poker face isn't up to par. Players fill a row of shot glasses with a variety of clear liquor, whip out that vodka, tequila etc. But the twist is that some are filled with water. One by one players pick up a random glass and take a shot, no matter what was in it they have to connivence the other players that it was water. If the players are convinced they'll give him the go ahead and it's the next players turn. But, if someone calls BS on them and it actually wasn't water, that player has to do another shot. If someone calls BS on them and it was water, all the other players have to take a shot.

9. Beerio Kart

What better than Mario Kart? Drunk Mario Kart! A staple of any residence is some kind of gaming console, so all you'll need is the beer. Rules vary depending on who you ask but the basic version is you have to finish your drink by the time the race is over. Only rule? No drinking and driving. Somehow you have to find a way to drink when you're not driving, but you still have to win the game. Take it to the next level like my friends did and make a league out of it.

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