It's finally December and that means that the holidays are officially here! The streets are teeming with twinkling lights and festive decorations, there are Christmas markets popping up every weekend, and the malls are filled with shoppers trying to find the perfect gifts for their loved ones. 

If you're obsessed with all things Christmas there's a really fun and unique way to celebrate it this year, at an escape room! An escape room located right here in Toronto has opened up a holiday-themed game and we couldn't be more excited. It's the perfect way to get yourself into the holiday mood this season!

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Via Mysterious Minds

Via Mysterious Minds

Mysterious Minds is located right in the heart of downtown Toronto at 322 Bloor Street West right near The Annex area. Their newest room is called 'The Quest to Save Christmas' and it couldn't be more fitting for the holiday season! They have two different levels you can choose from, intermediate or advance, depending on whether you're new to escape rooms or you've done a few in your day. 

The intermediate room has a 40% success rate whereas the advanced room has only a 15% success rate! This holiday room has tasked you to save Christmas from the Grinch who is out to destroy it again. 

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The story is that Santa discovered a magical dust that helps the reindeers fly across the world each Christmas. The head elf, Pepper Minstix, is tasked to deliver this magic dust to the Sleigh Room every Christmas Eve but it's discovered that the Grinch kidnapped Pepper so there's no way to get the dust to the reindeer. As Santa's chief of security, you and your team must find a way into Pepper's office in search of the missing 4 elements to create the special dust! 

@mysteriousmindstoembedded via  

@mysteriousmindstoembedded via  

The two rooms both go for the same price so it depends how much of a challenge you and your friend group are looking for! It costs $22 per adult and $17 per child. You can easily book your adventure online on their website ahead of time. 

If you're over the Christmas market scene and you're looking for the next best holiday trend to take part in, this is definitely it! 

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Check out their website for more information! 



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