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A Massive Study Space And Studio Opens Today In North York And It's 100% Free To Use

Six floors of cozy laptop nooks, armchairs, private recording studios, and iMac computers with free Adobe Suite programs.

Guess what, Toronto students? Your wish for the perfect off-campus study space has officially been granted. Three newly renovated floors of open windows, laptop counters with sweeping views, and cozy study nooks are now open to the public - at none other than North York Central Library.

This library is the best place to study with a view. Looking up from the ground floor, you'll see laptop desks lining the entire balcony. At every window, you'll find rows and rows of comfy red armchairs, providing a gorgeous outlook of Mel Lastman Square.  

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But, the first floor is the most impressive. Spacious stairway reading terraces complete with charger outlets are the perfect spot to get to work.  There are comfy lounge chairs around every corner, giving you a reason to actually look forward to settling in and cracking the books. 

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There are tons of private meeting rooms that you can book for free. There's also an entire room filled with the latest iMac desktops, fully loaded with the entire Adobe Creative Suite. And of course, there's super reliable free WiFi. 

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If you're a creative, you'll love this - the library also has a brand new studio-quality recording room and photography studio, complete with a green screen, lighting equipment, a mixing board, and iMacs with editing software. 

But wait, there's more. The new and improved library even has a set of 3D printers, which you can use anytime. There's an entire room where you can sew and make your own clothes. Embroidery machines, new sewing machines, and logo printing equipment are all available in the free fabrication studio.

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The fifth and six floors aren't opening until the fall, but there are some pretty cool features to look forward to. An outdoor reading garden on the sixth floor is in the works, and even more spaces to get your studying done with sweeping top-floor views. 

The North York Central Library is open Monday to Saturday, from 9:00 AM to 8:30 PM. To read more about the renovated space, click here

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