We know that Valentine's Day is still some time away... but being prepared is SEXY.

While Toronto does have an endless amount of restaurants to take your sweetheart to, the good ones need a reservation, and the GREAT ones need a reservation like yesterday.

We have compiled a list of restaurants that will suit the tastes of even the pickiest couple, based on factors like ambience, specialty Valentine's Day menu and so on. Which one of these spots will you be frequenting on the day of love?

Photo cred- Joso's 

Joso's//202 Davenport Road 

Joso's, open for almost 40 years, has become a Toronto landmark, and there's no better time to visit this establishment than on the sexiest day of the year. Why? Other than their food, Joso's is very well known for it's erotic decor: from statues to paintings, the place is sure to "inspire" you this valentines day. But back to the food: Joso's boasts an extremely impressive seafood and risotto menu, that's incredible flavours and dishes can only be the result of years of family tradition. Try the Nero risotto...perfect for splitting with your Valentine.

Photo cred- Rendez-vous 

Rendez-vous// 1408 Danforth Ave 

One of the best things couples can do to create a lasting relationship is try new things together, so head to Rendez-vous and delve into some Ethiopian cuisine. For those of you who don't know, Ethiopian food is usually characterized by spicy meat dishes, as well as many vegetarian options. Why is this great for Valentine's Day? Well, science has found a link between spicy food and sex drive= the hotter the food, the greater the sex drive. You're welcome. You can also witness Ethiopian coffee ritual, coffee being a natural aphrodisiac....okay, okay we'll get our heads out of the gutter.

Photo credit- @fivedoors_to

Five Doors North//2088 Yonge Street North

A more casual spot where two can dine for roughly $80, it still has all the allure of an Italian restaurant, although you won't find any white and red table clothes here. Instead, the restaurant's ambiance comes from bronze accents and dim lighting that give the spot give it's sexy atmosphere. Try the gnocchi!

Photo cred- @gobican 

Pomegranate//420 College Street 

Try something exotic with your s/o and head to the Persian restaurant, Pomegranate. The restaurant fits 40 people, and therefor is small and cozy, decorated lavishly with handmade textiles, tablecloths, lush rugs, lanterns, not to mention blue tiles of Persian poetry and calligraphy that cover the entire restaurant. This is definitely the spot to try some delicious lamb! Also, sample some of their desserts with your...like the rose water-infused vanilla ice cream!

Photo cred- Miku 

Miku// 10 Bay Street 

Miku is a new Toronto hot spot that you've probably wanted to go to since it opened, so why not finally check it out on the international day of love? Lucky for you, Miku has created a special five-course menu JUST for V-day AND it's aphrodisiac-inspired! So what can you expect on this menu? Kusshi Oysters & Pan Seared Hokkaido Scallops, as the apps because duh, as well as a Valentine Roll  (made with pink ume rice and topped with a raspberry) . But the piece de resistance is definitely the desert: a Japanese-French take on the classic Molten Lava Cake, consisting of a chocolate shell that melts under a topping sauce, revealing the remaining dessert...drooling yet?

Photo cred-  Collete Grand Cafe 

Collete Grand Cafe// 550 Wellington St. W

This is the closest you will get to taking your date to Paris. Collete Grand Cafe has a fantastic brunch, perfect if you have to take mom out for V-day, and then you can come back after 5pm with your s/o for their prixe fix menu. This menu consists of basically every decadent French food you could ever possibly want: Fois gras, soufflé, baked Alaska...This is definitely the spot to go if you want to truly feel like King and Queen for the night.

Photo cred- @michaelkohnphoto

La Pallete//492 Queen St W. 

As you stroll down Queen W, there is no doubt that this French bistro has caught your eye. With it's cozy boho-Parisian atmosphere, complete with dim lighting and an old-school rikshaw outside. Try some lavish French fare like deep fried camembert, escargot, or even frog legs! The perfect place to say "j'aime toi" on Valentine's day!

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