There's often a common misconception in our society that being single means you're living a sad, lonely life. A lot of people believe that when you're single, you're automatically unhappy and that just couldn't be further from the truth. Sure, being in a relationship can be extremely fulfilling and there's no doubt you can live a happy life in a couple, but there's no reason you can't accomplish that same amount of happiness living your life solo, either.

Given how many people find themselves in relationships that aren't right for them or those who settle for those that aren't good for them, being single doesn't sound so bad. Being single gives you freedom, time to appreciate yourself and others, it allows you to work on bettering yourself as a person, and it allows you to really understand what you need and want when you do find someone you want to be in a relationship with in the future. 

This article covers everything from activities to enjoy solo in the city, places to go with your group of friends, coffee shops to step up your game at work and become a boss, and where to meet people! Live your happy single life and be proud of it! 

Activities to Enjoy Solo 

When you're single, you need to learn how to love spending time alone, and I don't just mean watching Netflix in your bathtub on Sundays. Spending time alone, in public can be stressful because you feel like everyone is judging you, but in reality, no one is. These are great spots to visit solo in the city! 

Read a new book at the Toronto Reference Library

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The Toronto Reference Library is probably the most beautiful and serene places to visit in the city. Located in the heart of downtown it's an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. It's the perfect spot to visit solo if because everyone there is quietly working away and no one is paying attention to the fact that you're there alone. Plus, most people there are also alone so there's no reason to feel uncomfortable at all! 

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Get your nails done at Her Majesty's Pleasure 

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Her Majesty's Pleasure is the most luxurious nail bar you've ever seen and the perfect place to pamper yourself this winter. You can grab a glass of champagne or a fancy cocktail served by adorable bartenders while you wait for your appointment to start. Ask someone to snap a pic of you under their famous neon sign after you got a fresh colour on your nails! 

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Wander through the lush Allan Gardens Conservatory 

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Escape the chill of winter and wander through the amazing Allan Gardens Park and Conservatory. I love visiting this spot solo when I need a break from reality because you can explore multiple rooms filled with fresh, green plants and really enjoy some peace and quiet all by yourself. It's also a great place to go when you want to think and escape the bustle of city life. 

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Places to Go With Your Friends

Being single means really appreciating the friendships you have in your life because you know they're the ones that really matter to you. A good group of friends is important to everyone, including those in a relationship, but even more so when you're single. These are some great spots to bring your friend group! 

Friday Night Live at the ROM 

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Has it always been your dream to visit a museum after dark and experience the magic in a different light? Well, the ROM offers just that on Friday nights! Every Friday night this November you can experience a super fun party after dark at the ROM with drinks, dancing, a DJ, and fun themes every evening! 

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Wander past the twinkling lights at the Toronto Christmas Market 

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The Toronto Christmas Market is a tradition that every Torontonian needs to participate in as winter arrives. Although it's a super romantic background for a date night, that doesn't mean you have to be in a couple to enjoy it. Bring your group of friends and enjoy some spiked hot chocolate, take pictures of each other in front of the giant Christmas tree, and pick out gifts for each other at the local vendors! 

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Go for a skate on The Bentway skate trail 

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Last winter was the very first year the innovative Bentway skate trail opened up in the city. The repurposed area under The Gardiner Expressway was transformed into an adorable skating trail complete with lit up trees and views of the twinkling city skyline. It's the perfect place to go this winter with your friends! Grab some hot cocoa and skate the day away. 

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Coffee Shops to Become a Boss at Work

Being single is the perfect time to step up your work ethic at your job and get serious about your career goals. No need to feel guilty about putting in extra hours of work to become a boss this year if that's what you want to do! These are some amazing cafes so you can be extra focused during work hours. 


Dineen Outpost

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Located in the east end of Toronto is this absolutely stunning cafe that probably has the prettiest interior in the city! It's a great place to spend your day getting lost in your work because they have everything you'll need including delicious coffee, sandwiches for lunch, and sweet treats for when you need a sugar pick-me-up! 

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Run and Gun Coffee 

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Located on Dundas West is a cafe that's teeming from floor to ceiling with plants! It's the perfect place to get your work done because who could be stressed with this many lush green friends surrounding you? They have a work area with tables in the back and you can even scout out a plant to bring home with you after a hard day of work is over. 

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Odin Cafe

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Another east end favourite is this super unique, Nordic-style cafe, Odin. Located in King East you can find this cafe hideout that's great for getting productive. They have snacks and delicious espresso-based drinks so you can keep going for hours. It's also in a great location by multiple streetcar lines!

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Where to Meet People 

Being happy and living your single life also includes dating and meeting new people. While it's not super easy for everyone to get out there and meet new people, I think we can all agree it's a much better option than using dating apps forever. Here are some spots where it's super easy to meet people, all you have to do is take a leap! 

Walk your dog through Trinity Bellwoods Park

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If you're a dog lover, a great way to meet fellow dog lovers is simply to take your dog out for a walk! Trinity Bellwoods is a great option because there are always other people walking their pooches through the trails, but any park will do. You've also got a built-in conversation starter, just go up to someone and compliment their dog and ask what breed it is! It's as simple as that. 

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Hit up a spin class at Soul Cycle 

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It's super common to hear of friends who met their SO or their new best friend at a gym or workout class. This is great if you're already a fan of spinning, especially. Soul Cycle creates a super fun environment that really makes their classes more of a community, making it super easy to break the ice after class with a 'wow that was a tough one, huh?' It's not hard at all to strike up a conversation after sweating it out together! 

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Sign up for a Toronto Meetup near you

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Meetup is a website that allows you to meet up with people in real life that share the same interests and passions that you do! There's everything from training for the next Marathon to exploring bars downtown to book clubs. The options are truly endless and there's no way you won't meet some really amazing people, romantic or otherwise! 

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