You Could Get A Poke Bowl For $5 In Toronto This Upcoming Week

You gotta eat 'em all!

If you're new to the ever evolving food scene in Toronto or you simply aren't interested in the foodie life (don't feel down, you don't choose the foodie life it chooses you) than you probably haven't figured out by now that the Hawaiian classic of poke has made a wave over the streets of Toronto and people are really digging it.

And yes, if you have no idea what poke is then you're sure to know all about it this coming week from November 7th-13th at CraveTO's Poke Week.

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Enjoy a selection of sample special bowls of poke for $5 a pop with these poke passports at participating poke restaurants and vote for your fave shop to win the "Golden Fin" as the peoples champion.

The best part about it? It's for five freaking dollars as opposed to the original $15 price of one poke bowl.

Don't let this opportunity to sink your teeth in various bowls of seasoned raw fish, loads of fresh vegetables and a warm bed of rice from all over the 6ix pass you by this upcoming poke week!

Here are the participating poke restaurants that are down to feed you the ultimate poke experience:

Buy your poke passports here.

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