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There's A Huge Mac And Cheese Festival Going On This Weekend Near Toronto And We're Already Hungry

Comfort food for days!

The greatest thing about summer isn't longer days and sundresses. It's the food festivals! And this weekend you can hit up the fourth annual Mac and Cheese Festival just outside of Toronto. 

This isn't just any old food festival, either. These crazy talented chefs, cooks and charities are actually competing for your votes throughout the entire weekend trying to win the title of best Mac and cheeser. With over 50 different varieties to experience, this level of comfort food bliss is off the charts amazing. 

@themacandcheesefestivalembedded via  

@themacandcheesefestivalembedded via  

They've concocted some pretty impressive cheesey creations in past years such as a Mac and cheese stuffed taco, with the shell made out of provolone cheese, a fried chicken Mac and cheese tower sandwich, and a even a smoked brisket Mac and cheese. These chefs are not playing when it comes to cheesy goodness. 

@themacandcheesefestivalembedded via  

@themacandcheesefestivalembedded via  

It's not just all cheese all the time. The festival also has a craft beer lounge, live concerts, and unlimited free rides and jumpy castles. You can also hang around the marshmallow fire pit or shop one of the many local market vendors. It has a bit of something for everyone. 

The festival is being held at Milton Fairgrounds, just a short 45 minute drive from Toronto. And fighting through a bit of traffic is totally worth it to get  to that ooey gooey goodness. 

@themacandcheesefestivalembedded via  

@themacandcheesefestivalembedded via  

One of the very best things about this whole festival is that it's only 10 bucks to get in for the whole weekend! It runs this weekend, June 8-9. 

Check out their website for more info. 

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