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Fascinating Things To Do And See In Toronto This Fall That Aren't Tourist-Y

Step away from the Netflix.

There's nothing like getting hit with a wave of boredom... sometimes boredom hits so bad you just want to die (yes, that's a bit dramatic but you get the idea). What is in your favour though, is that there are a lot of things to do in Toronto to keep you distracted, especially if you're flying solo for the weekend. 

Sometimes there are just those days where it seems like there's absolutely nothing to do and nowhere to go. I guarantee you-- it's all in your head. There's always something to do, especially in the city. You just don't want to take the leap because your friends are busy and you feel totally uninspired to do anything.

It's very easy to sulk and waste your day in bed and binge Netflix and use 'your friends being away' as an excuse, but it's likely you'll hate yourself later. Luckily, we've prepared this list of possible things to do when you're really bored and your friends are busy. 

Here are some cool Toronto experiences to engage in if you are really, really bored:

Walk Your Dog At Cedarvale Park 

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This is one of my favourite outdoor parks in the city. I love the freshly mowed grass and the clean, giant hills and I absolutely love that there are like a million different breeds of dogs running around or being walked by their owners.

Bring a frisbee, blanket and some small snacks and chill with your dog for the day! You'll probably make so many new friends at Cedarvale, too. Around this time of year, Cedarvale will be filled with gorgeous red leaves around the forest trails that you'll be so allured by it, you will want to visit every weekend! 

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Take A Boxing Class At Bolo

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At Body Love, you can let out any stress you have by partaking in a personal boxing class with their fun and certified trainers. Their fitness classes are one of the most fun and dynamic in the city! 

If you haven't already checked out Bolo, you'll be very surprised when you walk in. This interactive gym has a smoothie fuel bar, café and a hair salon. Worried the leftover sweat in your hair after the gym but don't have time to shower? Or maybe you have a meeting later. Or maybe because you just deserve it. Bolo's salon offers hair services and blowouts for anyone who wants to look pretty after a kick-ass workout.

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Go Meditate By The Harbourfront

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If you're feeling super antsy from the boredom hitting, maybe it's a good idea to go for a walk by the Harbourfront to clear your head! Apps like headspace and even other various podcasts are great distraction ideas. All you need are headphones and some sunglasses. There are wooden benches you can claim your spot when you get to the water, and lots of coffee shops nearby. 

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Eat Some Dessert At Sorelle & Co

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Yorkville's beautiful Sorelle & Co is finally up for business! If you haven't tried their beautifully-curated cupcakes, gourmet toasts and delicate cakes yet, they are located at 161 Yorkville Ave in arguably one of the most sauve neighborhoods in Toronto. 

Sorelle and Co. is Toronto’s most indulgent and also prettiest vegan cafe. They have a location based in Vaughan and also a small cafe section inside the Saks Food Hall. But now, you can enjoy delicious nut and gluten-free desserts right in the city.

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Chill Out At Trinity Bellwoods Park 

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If you're alone, why not get outdoors and enjoy the best of Canadian fall weather? Queen West is bumpin' and filled with interesting cafes, bookshops, boutiques and delicious restaurants so if you're bored of sitting at the park, you will definitely find something else to do in the neighborhood. 

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People-Watch On Top Of The Yorkville Rock

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Whenever I am flying solo and all my friends are busy, I love to head over to Yorkville. The streets are always filled with hilariously interesting people. You can grab a delicious smoothie or to-go snack at Revitasize or your favourite dark-roast coffee at Goldstruck, and chill around Cumberland Ave.

There's also the famous Yorkville Rock, where most people lounge around reading, chit chatting and drinking coffee. Once you're done strolling around the luxurious neighbourhood, you can grab a comic book themed cocktail at Figures.

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Test Your Flexibility At An Aerial Yoga Class 

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There are so many cool and different yoga studios around the city. There are many aerial yoga studios scattered across the city like The Flying Yogi and Sora Studio. If you're feeling adventurous, take advantage of this alone time to really get into a new and healthy hobby! Yoga is a great way to de-stress during much needed alone time because you don't have to talk to anybody, anyway. 

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Check Out Nordstrom Rack If You Haven't Already

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Okay, you really can't go wrong with this. If your friends are all busy today, why not hit up Nordstrom Rack? Sometimes you can even find a pair of brand new Manolo Blahnik's for $500. I know, most people will think $500 for a pair of heels is pretty steep, but if you're a shoe fanatic, you'll know that they're asking for LESS than half the original price. 

Aside from $500 shoes and other luxury labels, they also have affordable luxury items like Levi denim for $40 and other clothing items ranging from $15-$20. This store opened just this year at Bay & Bloor, so you're bound to find some amazing steals. Plus, it's fall season now, better stock up on fashionable scarves, oversized sweaters and loveable leather boots.

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Cook A New Recipe At George Brown

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George Brown's Centre for Hospitality & Culinary Arts is arguably one of the best leaders in culinary training. It's not a surprise that many foodies and eager learners want to take a cooking class here. Their expertise in cooking will help you building the skillset that you need, and you'll learn how to cook gourmet food! 

Whether you're a wine or food enthusiast, the classes at George Brown are passionate and professional and very interactive. Ever wanted to learn to cook a new dish? This is the time! If you're having trouble finding something to do because all your friends are away, why not capitalize on that and learn a new skill? This is also a great way to meet new people who share similar interests.

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Treat Yo Self At Hammam's Luxurious Spa

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Pouty because your friends are all away and you're left alone? Why not hit up a Toronto spa, like Hammam on King St. for some necessary indulgent pampering? When your friends are back, they're going to be so envious of your glowing skin and happy-go-lucky mood. When you're alone and finding stuff to do, it's always a great idea to take care of yourself and your skin. When was the last time you took care of your skin? 

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Go To The Toronto Reference Library And Pick Up A New Book 

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First off, the Toronto Reference Library is gorgeous. The view alone will be enough to distract you from your sulky mood, if you're flying solo. Take advantage of this alone time and pick up an interesting read at this beautiful library! You'll thank yourself for being such an intellect, later. This is also a great work spot if you want to get sh*t done!

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Grab Dim Sum In Chinatown 

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It's morning time and all your friends are away, and you're wondering to yourself, "what should I do today to start off my day?" Well - you could always go eat some dim sum for brunch! It's not strange at all to grab some BBQ pork buns and shrimp dumplings alone. Most people in Chinatown do- no judgement! Dim Sum King, Rosewood and Sky Dragon are all great options.

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Get Some Work Done And Drink Beautiful Lattes At Versus

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This is a great idea if all your friends are busy and you have 'nothing' to do (there is always something to do). Bring your checklist and check off any to-do's you have procrastinated on. You'll probably feel much more motivated working in a snazzy coffee shop compared to your Toronto condo. You get work done and you get out of the house! Click here for a full list of Toronto's hidden and beautiful coffee shops. 

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Admire The Street Art In Kensington Market

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There are lots of new places that opened up in this neighbourhood and there's also nearby street art. Kensington is known for its eclectic vibes and unique aesthetic. One thing that's constant throughout Kensington is its colourful brick buildings and beautiful street art. Street art in Kensington is just really cool and should be appreciated by everyone!

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Attend A Barry's Bootcamp Class

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There are lots of cool workout spots in the city. If you're feeling super bored, Barry's will change that. If you haven't already taken one of their high-intensity classes, you should because it's totally interactive and their dark red workout room is sure to amaze you. They also have this super awesome fuel bar where you can recharge with delicious and nutrient-packed smoothies.

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Find Hidden Gems At A Thrift Shop

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Thrifting can be so much fun but also a hassle at the same time. You never know what you're going to find! But if you have the time, you should try it out. You can find amazing designer labels and unique accessories at Value Villages across the city.

A lot of Toronto bloggers actually love thrifting at various Value Village's across Toronto and find fashionable items and make it their own. It's also kind of fun, because you don't exactly know what you're searching for until you find it! 

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