This Dessert Café In Ontario Makes Boozy Coffee That's Perfect For Getting Day Drunk

The best way to jumpstart your day.

Coffee is typically the drink of choice for sobering up, but for one dessert café in Ontario, coffee actually contributes to the hangover problem.

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CrepeStar is a dessert bistro in Newmarket that offers a unique assortment of "coffee cocktails", which are essentially alcohol-infused coffees and teas. Each coffee cocktail is made by perfectly mixing hot java with a feature liquor. Needless to say, they have quite a kick to them, which makes them perfect for anyone who needs a jumpstart to their day.

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Their five main offerings of coffee cocktails are as follows: 

B-52 Coffee ($6.50) - Bailey's (1/2 oz), Kahlua (1/2 oz), Grand Marnier (1/2 oz) with hot black coffee, topped with whipped cream 

Monte Cristo Coffee ($6) - Kahlua (1/2 oz), Grand Marnier (1/2 oz) with hot black coffee, topped with whipped cream

Bailey's Coffee ($5.50) - Bailey's (1 oz) with hot black coffee, topped with whipped cream

Spanish Coffee ($5.50) - Rum (1/2 oz), Bailey's (1/2 oz), with hot black coffee, topped with whipped cream

Hot Royal Toddy ($6.50) - Crown Royal whiskey (1 oz), lemon, honey, with hot Eaerl Grey tea

You can also choose to add 1oz of your favourite liquor to any hot or cold drink on their menu for an additional $3.

Aside from the coffee cocktails, CrepeStar also features a variety of $5 beers, wines, shots and cocktails (sangria, mojitos, etc.).  Drinks should be coupled with an item from their food or dessert menus so you can get the full experience. Lunch offerings like pizzas, salads, chicken and waffles, Asian rice plates and  wraps are all available, as well as dessert options that include mouthwatering crepes, cakes and ice cream.

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