This Gorgeous Rooftop Pool In Toronto Is Heated All Year Round So You Can Take A Dip Even In The Winter

Go for a snowy swim.

Itching to go for a swim this winter? In Toronto, there’s an outdoor rooftop pool that will keep you warm even if it’s snowing outside.

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The Sheraton Centre Hotel in the city’s financial district boasts the largest indoor/outdoor pool in the area. It’s heated all year round, soyou can take a comfortable dip in the water whether it’s a hot summer’s day or a winter wonderland outside.

The pool is half indoors and half outdoors, separated down the middle by a glass garage wall. You can swim under the wall to get outside, or stay inside where there’s plenty of seating and a bar that serves cocktails.

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Pool access is complimentary to hotel guests, so if you’re also looking for a place in Toronto to spend the night, you might want to book a room. Otherwise, the fitness centre and pool are also open to the public via day passes or memberships.

You can get a day pass for $30 plus tax per visit, or if you’re looking to visit frequently, you can get an annual membership for $95 a month. A membership includes access to the fitness centre, pool, changing facilities, sauna, and towel service.

For more information, visit the Sheraton Centre Toronto’s website.

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