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This Is The All-New Two Storey Cocktail Bar In Toronto You Need To Check Out ASAP

For a boujee night out.

The nightlife scene in Toronto is nothing short of amazing. There's endless choices from restaurants, to rooftop patios, to dive bars so you'll never end up stuck with nowhere to go on a Friday night in this city. 

But even though we all have our favourite spots that we hit up consistently with our crew, trying something new is sometimes fun as well. There's a new cocktail bar that just opened up in Toronto at the beginning of December that you're definitely going to want to check out. 

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Goldie is a two-storey cocktail bar located in a townhouse on King West that's been around for century! They redecorated it to create a stunning space for the perfect boujee night out in the city.

Not only does the cocktail bar obviously make an extensive list of out-this-world cocktails, they also have the celebrity chef, Romain Avril, cooking up delicious plates to enjoy for a late night bite. 

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The space itself is designed as a multi-level experience where you can enjoy your classy drinks in the 2nd floor lounge and watch the art of cooking take place in the open-kitchen dining room!

It's a gorgeous spot to take a date to impress them, with your best friends to treat yourselves, for an anniversary or birthday, or just for a great time any weekend!

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Check out their website for a full menu and more details!

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