Think you could survive being trapped in a haunted house? One escape room company in Toronto has created a horrifying game experience that will bring all your deepest fears to life.

Escape Games is a premier game facility in North York that produces a variety of incredibly realistic escape rooms. Previous visitors have raved over the challenging puzzles, unique story lines and unexpected twists in each of their missions.

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One of the best escape rooms they offer is named Noriko, and its themed as a Japanese horror story. You and a team of 5 to 12 friends will be sent to a house in Osaka, Japan, where the brutal murder of a young girl occurred a few years ago. Demonic spirits fill the house and its up to you to solve the mystery of her death to finally bring peace to the tormented souls.

The coolest thing about this particular escape room is that it’s actually a full two-storey house. Filled with dark corridors, theatrical lighting and eerie sound effects, you’ll truly feel like you’re stuck in a house of horrors. The more people on your team, the better since there are multiple challenges throughout the house that need to be conducted simultaneously.

The success rate for Noriko is 50 to 60%, so you’ll have to combine all of your skills together in order to get out alive. Puzzles will challenge your task-based logic, indexing, memory and associative skills. Admission is $24 each, with birthday celebrants eligible for 1 free game.

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Escape Games is located at: 15 Kodiak Crescent

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