This Toronto Escape Room Puts You Inside A Plane That's About To Crash And It's Intense

It’s like ‘Final Destination’ in real life.

Looking for a unique escape room to do this weekend? Roundabout in Toronto has you covered — the company has created a unique escape room the takes you off the ground and into the skies.

Final Destination is the name of the game, and it takes place in an aircraft that is destined to crash. The pilots and flight attendants have abandoned the plane, so its up to you and your friends to figure out how to get out before it’s too late.

“Remembering the materials from your favourite physics class, you estimate that at this height, the plane will only continue to glide for 45 minutes,“ reads the game description. “You must find a parachute and escape before the plane crashes!”

The escape room has a 35% success rate, so you know you’re in for a challenge. It may be the only plane-themed escape room in the city, and according to reviews, the set design is fantastic, complete with the seats and overhead bins.

Tickets are $26 per person and you can book your game online. Visit Roundabout Canada’s website for more details.

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