This Toronto Escape Room Traps You In A Serial Killer’s Playground And It’s Intense

Can you outsmart the murderer?

Have you ever wondered how you would fare if you were one of the characters in a horror movie? Well in Toronto, you can find out for yourself.

Trapped! Is an entertainment company that creates realistic escape rooms with interesting story lines. One of their most unique and best-rated games is called Claustrophobia, and it has you racing against the clock with a murderer.

“You and your friends decided to do a photo-shoot within an abandoned part of a century old building,” the game description reads. “As you enter, a chemical gas knocks you unconscious in an enclosed corridor. You wake up and find yourself in a serial killer's trap. Will you become the next victim?”

The game requires 4 to 7 players, as all of the challenges will require you to put your heads together. The game, which will take you around 45-minutes to complete, also has the highest difficulty rating of all the rooms in the facility, so you’re definitely going to want some help.

The admission fee to play Claustrophobia is $28 per person, with birthday celebrants able to play for free with a valid photo ID.

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