Toronto Is Home To The Largest Indoor Paintball Arena In Canada And It's Just Like 'Call Of Duty'

Get trigger happy.

Are you a fan of first-person shooters? In Toronto, you can live out all of your Call of Duty fantasies in an realistic game of paintball!

Sgt. Splatter’s is Canada’s largest indoor paintball facility, spanning a total of 35,000 square feet. The arena was designed by a Hollywood set designer, so you’ll really feel like you’re in one of your first-person shooter games. It’s themed like an urban war zone, complete with rusted buildings, oil tanks and abandoned vehicles:






Players can pick from over 20 different game scenarios, including classics like capture the flag and elimination. There are ramps to climb, objects to crouch behind and even secret sniper spots to discover, so it really does feel like you’re in a battleground.

You can rent out paintballs, guns and other equipment on site so you don’t have to purchase your own. There are also several packages and deals you can choose from, including:

  • Half Off Mondays and Tuesdays ($16 per person, $8/100 paintballs)
  • Wednesdays All Day ($30 per person, $25/500 paintballs)
  • Ladies Night Thursdays (ladies play free with a male player)
  • Birthday packages, which include
    • Rental equipment
    • 2 private/supervised games for 4 hours
    • 1000 paintballs and free air refills
    • 2 large pizzas
    • A party room

For more information, visit Sgt. Spatters’ official website.

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