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Toronto Is Hosting A Huge Horror Movie Film Festival This Spring

A terror filled event.

There's something about horror movies that fascinate everyone. Whether you're a horror movie junkie or someone who is literally terrified of watching horror movies (like me) you can't help but crave that jolt of adrenaline every once in a while. 

Well all you horror movie genre fanatics rejoice because there's a festival that's happening just for you this spring that you're not going to want to miss! The Toronto International Spring of Horror & Fantasy Film Festival is all about showcasing the best genre films from around the world. 

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This terrifying film festival will be happening from April 6th-8th with multiple movies, short films and music videos being screened for all three days. You can choose to purchase tickets for the entire festival which cost $65 or for specific movies which cost $8 each. 

Some of the feature films that they'll be screening include 'All Light Will End' from the USA, 'Charismata' from the UK, 'Countryside' from Canada, 'Musclecar' from Australia, 'Don't Look' from the USA and more! 

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The TISH Festival will be screening all weekend long at Imagine Cinemas Carlton right in the heart of downtown Toronto. The movies will all be screening from the early afternoon until the late evenings. 

There will also be competitions to win prizes and bar socials at the Queen & Beaver Pub between or after screenings. 

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Check out their website to buy your tickets and watch the trailers for the movies being screened at the event! 

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