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Toronto Is Hosting A Huge True Crime Film Festival This Summer

Chilling stories of real-life criminals and killers.

Over the past few years the true crime TV and Film genre has become super popular. Think about the "Making A Murderer" series that was watched by thousands religiously on Netflix, podcasts like "Serial Killer" that have hundreds of avid listeners and infamous movies like "Monster", "Bonnie and Clyde" and "Good Fellas" that are still watched to this day.  

If you weren't sure if you were a fan of true crime before, I'm sure you are now after hearing some of those titles. There's something that fascinates all of us about criminals, murderers and serial killers. Maybe it's the fact that most of us could never imagine committing an act so cruel and cold but we want to learn more about the people who actually can to better understand it. 

As much as the crimes these murders and serial killers are committing terrify us, we just can't look away. Almost the same as when you're driving past an accident on the highway or watching a natural disaster on the news. Whatever the reason, this genre is super popular, popular enough to have it's own festival this summer in Toronto! 

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The Toronto True Crime Film Festival will be held for 2 days, on June 8th and 9th at the Royal Cinema in Toronto. They'll be screening documentary films and fictionalized films based on true crimes on the big screen for true crime fanatics to enjoy. 

They'll be screening 5 different films plus hosting 3 Symposium events to discuss different questions and interests in the true crime genre. You can purchase a single ticket to each movie for just $10 or you can buy a 2-day all access pass to every screening and Symposium for $65. 

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Here's a little bit of info on the 5 films they'll be screening during the 2-day film festival. Their opening film is called "Abducted In Plain Sight" tells the true story of an Idaho family who's daughter was abducted by their next door neighbour and the parent's best friend. The second film called "My Name Is Myeisha" is a hip-hop musical inspired by police brutality and specifically the of the police shooting of teen Tyisha Miller. 

The third film is a screening of the infamous, award-winning "Monster" which stars Charlize Theron. The fourth film called "The Stranger" tells the story of a woman who meets a man of Facebook who she quickly falls for before she realizes everything he's been telling her is a lie. What makes this film all the more interesting is that the reenactments are almost entirely done by the real people who the story is about. 

The final and closing film of the festival is called "Hostages" which tells the story of seven teens who tried to escape the Soviet Union in 1983 by hijacking an airplane. 

Via Toronto True Crime Film Festival

Check out their website for more information. 

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