It's always exciting when a new hot spot opens up in Toronto that you know is going to become your go-to hangout. Whatever it is, whether it's a new coffee spot, a chill bar, or in this case, a bubble tea shop, you can just tell right away that it's going to be something special. 

But this bubble tea shop isn't like all the others. It's actually Toronto's first ever 'make-your-own' bubble tea shop! Labothéry just opened up this past Saturday and you're going to want to try it ASAP! 

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This lab-themed bubble tea cafe is located at 717 Bay St in the heart of downtown Toronto. Not only are their teas delicious but they give the customer a unique and fun experience as well. 

They let you design your bubble exactly the way you like it including ice and sugar levels! You also get to choose all the ingredients that you want which are lined up in lab-themed packaging. 

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Once you choose all the yummy ingredients you want in your drink, the baristas will mix it all up for you! The options are literally endless at this cafe. 

They don't have a full menu of ingredients but they're all laid out with clear labels once you get there, making it super easy to mix and match as you go!

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Labothery offers a super unique concept in the city, one that's never been done before! You definitely need to check it out for yourself ASAP. Visit their website for more information. 

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