There are so many different restaurants in Canada that serve delicious food but let's be honest here, the casual environments can become quite boring after a while. In order to have a unique dining experience, the atmosphere and food menu at the restaurant needs to be very unusual.

If you're travelling across Canada or happen to stop by one of these places, ditch the most popular restaurant you find on trip advisor and substitute it for an out of the norm eatery:

1. The Grizzly House // Banff, Alberta.

 The Grizzly House in Banff offers an extraordinary menu which includes exotic and exquisite food. Challenge your taste buds by eating an alligator, a rattle snack or a shark. The restaurant presents a rustic setting, decorated with totem poles, a buffalo head, a wooden carved bear and several other unique lodgelike features.

2. Coombs Old Country Market // Coombs, British Columbia.

The Old Country Market is most definitely one of a kind eatery in Canada. Why do you ask? Well, it is "the home of the goats on the roof." Have a delicious meal and enjoy the company of goats while they munch on grass at the top of a Norweigian-style log house.

3. Oasis Surf // Montreal,Quebec.

Are you looking to combine fun activities along with a meal? Oasis Surf offers a seaside like environment, with 150 spaces available around a wave pool, that will complete the ultimate surfing experience. Dudeeee, that's so rad.

Photo cred - O'Noir 

4. O'Noir // Toronto,Ontario & Montreal,Quebec.

It's important to use your senses when dining at O'Noir, because you'll be eating and drinking in the dark. The restaurant aims to create a better understanding for guests, of what it's like to live in a sightless world.

5. Dinner Between Heaven and Earth // multiple locations.

Indulge in a 1 hour unique dining experience on a platform that is hoisted by a 120 ton crane. The platform seats 22 people, accompanied by cooks and servers. If you or your date are scared of heights, keep in mind you'll be eating dinner at 150 feet in sky.

6. Signs // Toronto, Ontario.

Signs offers service to guests in American Sign Language. The restaurant provides an instruction booklet in the menu and photos on walls to help guests learn sign language and communicate with the Deaf staff. Interested in learning a new language? As long as you're patient and willing to learn, Signs can help you acquire a new skill!

7. The Cave Restaurant // Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

The unique architecture at The Cave provides an extraordinary dining experience. Yes, you're actually having dinner inside a cave. As you enter the restaurant, you're welcomed into The Stone Age, as if you're part of The Flintstones fam!

8. Crystal Hut // Whistler, British Columbia.

The Crystal Hut was listed as one of the Top Mountain Restaurants, located at Blackcomb at 6,053ft. The glorious hut provides a spectacular view of the mountains and serves waffles that are to die for.

Photo cred - Ruben Schipper

9. Great Viking Feast // St.Anthony, Newfoundland.

Also known as the Lightkeepers Seafood Restaurant, the dinner theatre seats 100 people for an unforgettable show that covers the viking court of law. You're guaranteed to be entertained as you're transported back into the Viking Age with a series of acts, delicious time period food and beverages.

10. Eigensinn Farm // Singhampton, Ontario.

The Stadtländers family grow their own livestock, vegetables and prepare multi-course dinners inside their farm house. They also make their own maple syrup, honey and catch fresh fish on a daily basis from the Georgian Bay.

11. Tree House Cafe // Salt Spring Island, British Columbia.

The Tree House Cafe sits in a cute setting on Salt Spring Island, underneath a plum tree. This tree house has become a hip spot for many locals and visitors coming to the island. Taste their international food items in a relaxing environment, enjoy live music or have dinner while gazing at stars.

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