Ontario is filled with all sorts of secret places and hidden gems. With so much to explore right in our backyard, it's almost not necessary to travel beyond our province for a vacation.

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Some of the locations on this list are starting to become more popular, so it may be a good idea to visit them while they're still relatively hush-hush. Also, the locals of these areas probably do not to consider them as secret; however, those who aren't native to such areas may find them to be refreshing options for exploration.  Here are 12 secret places in Ontario you won't believe really exist:

Barron Canyon, Algonquin Provincial Park

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Rock Lake, Algonquin Provincial Park

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Long Sault Parkway, Ingleside

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Elora Quarry, Elora

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Red Rock Falls, Thunder Bay

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Covered Portage Cove, Killarney Provincial Park

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Old Woman Bay, Sault Ste. Marie

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Rattlesnake Point

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Gobles Grove, Port Elgin

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Rock Dunder, Kingston

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Five Finger Rapids, French River Provincial Park

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