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12 Spontaneous Day Trips That Are Less Than 2 Hours Away From Toronto

Time to explore!

The summer weather is finally arriving here in Ontario and I think we can all agree that this is the best time of the year! Everyone is happier during this time of year because the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and we can spend all of our time outside! 

We're super lucky to call the big, magnificent city of Toronto our home because we literally have everything we could ever need here. We've got hiking trails, waterfront beaches, cute cafes and amazing restaurants all within our city limits so why would we ever need to leave?

Well, Ontario is home to even more beauty than what's just within the Toronto city limits that you definitely need to explore this summer. If you're will to drive less than 2 hours from Toronto you'll be rewarded with gorgeous hiking trails, white sandy beaches, turquoise swimming holes and so much more!

Singhampton Caves

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The 2.3km Singhampton Caves Trail will lead you to a sight you've never seen before! It's a super fun hike that will allow you to climb massive caves to complete the trail and offer you breathtaking forest views at the same time! 

Dundas Peak

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If you hike through the stunning Spencer Gorge Conservation Area along the 3.9km Dundas Peak Trail you'll be rewarded with scenic views from Dundas Peak! See the stunning lush forests expand in front of you at the top of the peak. 

Cobourg Beach

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If you're looking for a beautiful beach day you should definitely take a short trip out of Toronto to Cobourg Beach. There's beach volleyball courts, tons of spots to set up camp for the day and cute restaurants and shops in the area. 

Elora Quarry 

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Elora Quarry should be at the top of your day trip bucket list this summer. It has bright turquoise water, a massive sandy beach to relax on and tall cliffs for jumping into the refreshing water. There's also a lazy river, waterfalls and a zip line in the area! 

Scenic Caves Nature Adventures

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The Scenic Caves Nature Adventures is located just outside of Collingwood and it makes for the perfect summer activity. There's suspension bridges, caves to explore, zip lines and so much more adventures to be had! 

Peller Estates Winery

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The Peller Estates Winery is located in the stunning town of Niagara-On-The-Lake. If you're looking for a beautiful spot to go wine tasting and touring of the vineyard, this is a great option. Their wine tasting is super cheap and their tours are free! 

Belfountain Conservation Area

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Located just a short drive outside of Toronto is the gorgeous Belfountain Conservation Area that's perfect for exploring this summer. You can walk across the beautiful suspension bridge above the flowing waterfall, through lush forests, and fun hiking trails! 

Rattlesnake Point

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Located in Milton, Ontario you can hike along 12.7 kms worth of trails that await you! Once you get to the top of the trail you'll be rewarded with unreal scenic views from the top of Rattlesnake Point. The hikes are moderately difficult but totally worth it. 

Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge

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Located in the Ferris Provincial Park is this super cool suspension bridge that gives some seriously picturesque views. Its spans over 300 feet above the rushing Trent River and the bridge is even completely see-through so you can see it flowing below you!

Crawford Lake Conservation Area

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The Crawford Lake Conservation Area is a super unique spot that you definitely need to explore this summer. Hike along the 1.4km elevated boardwalk that will lead you to a rare meromictic lake which means that layers of the waters don't mix. It's a super cool place to see! 

Terre Bleu Lavender Farm

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The Terre Bleu Lavender Field is located just outside of Guelph, Ontario and is a beautiful place to visit during the summer. You can wander through the rows of sweet smelling flowers, take pictures at their pretty yellow door and treat yourself to some delicious lavender ice cream!

Decew Falls

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Decew Falls is located in the St. Catherines area and is a stunning swimming spot in Ontario for those hot summer days! This huge 22 metre high waterfall plunges into a refreshing turquoise pool of water below. 

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