Eating is one of the many joys of being human. Which is why those who live in Ontario, a province brimming great restaurants and incredible food innovators, are truly blessed.

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And blessings like that should not be taken for granted. Here are 13 bucket list comfort foods you must try in Ontario:

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Chief Wiggum

Hollywood Cone | Oshawa, ON

The Chief Wiggum is an over-the-top milkshake inspired by The Simpsons character with the same name. Characterized as a "mutant milkshake", the concoction is made with two pink-frosted sprinkled donuts over a mug of coffee-infused vanilla ice cream.

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The Firebird

Motorburger | Windsor, ON

The Firebird is an iconic burger served at Motorburger, a vintage spot for great eats in Windsor. It is made with fresh panko crusted ground chicken with Serrano chilies, smoked mozzarella, house motor sauce, a four-pepper medley and spicy fried onions.

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Irish Corned Beef Nachos

Bombero's | Niagara Falls, ON

Irish Corned Beef Nachos are one of many unique creations by Bombero's Gourmet Nachos. They are essentially a Reuben sandwich on top of nacho chips instead of bread.

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The Cookie Monster

Tom's Dairy Freeze | Etobicoke, ON

The Cookie Monster is a specialty ice cream cone inspired by the classic Muppet character. Vanilla ice cream is coated with a blue shell and topped with Oreo pieces and crumbs.

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Haddock Fish & Chips

Lord Elgin Fish & Chips | Port Elgin, ON

The Haddock Fish & Chips at Lord Elgin's are some of the best in the province. The fish is prepared in their famous house batter and then deep fried to a golden crisp. Fries or baked potato are added to complete the dish.

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Anthony's Pizza | Ottawa, ON

The Rustica is the pizza to try at Anthony's. It is a delicious, Italian-style stone-baked pizza made with red sauce, proscuitto, mozzarella, shaved parmesan, cherry tomatoes and arugula. 

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Curry in a Hurry

Bobbie Sue's Mac + Cheese | Toronto, ON

Curry in a Hurry is a unique twist on mac 'n cheese that incorporates tuna, peas, and of course, curry into macaroni bowl oozing with melting cheese. It is offered at Bobbie Sue's Mac + Cheese, an popular spot for all things mac 'n cheese.

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Churro Sundae

Dipsidoo | Brampton, ON

The Churro Sundae is a mixture of fudge-covered ice cream and churro sticks. It comes in multiple flavours, including classics like chocolate and strawberry. Cookie crumble and fresh fruit are available options for toppings.

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Spaghetti Pescatore

Buca di Bacco | Oakville, ON

Spaghetti Pescatore is a delicious seafood pasta platter that is made with mussels, clams, shrimp, calamari, scallops and diced tomato, all tossed with fresh herbs, olive oil and white wine. 

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Pho Bo Thai Lan

Golden Turtle | Waterloo, ON

Pho bo thai lan is a classic tom yum soup bowl that gives off a pleasant mixture of hot, sweet and sour notes. It incorporates fish, rare beef and tendon, noodles and a variety of spices.

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Tater Tot Poutine

The Coop Wicked Chicken | Burlington, ON

The Tater Tot Poutine is a hearty poutine basket that consists of golden fries topped with bacon, a fried egg, and of course, tater tots.

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Matcha Crunch

Eva's Original Chimney's | Toronto, ON

The Matcha Crunch is one of the many flavours available at Eva's Original Chimney's. The dessert spot uses sweet, baked bread as cones to house its delicious ice cream creations. The Matcha Crunch is a vanilla cone that experiements with Matcha fudge.

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Inspire Crispy Chicken Waffle

Inspire Restaurant | Markham, ON

The Inspire Crispy Chicken Waffle is a mouthwatering brunch option that consists of fried chicken, homemade waffles, edamame mango sauce, ginger maple butter and berries. It's the perfect mix of sweet and salty!

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