Canada has some of the most diverse geological landscapes in the world. From desert-like sand dunes to snow covered tundras, there's so much to see in our beautiful country.

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If you are looking to travel off the beaten path in Canada, the following 13 places should be added to your travel bucket list. While they may not be considered secret by everybody (especially to the locals of each area), they may still be locations that other individuals have never heard of before:

Lake O'Hara

British Columbia

Lake O'Hara is an isolated lake in BC's Yoho National Park that features several scenic hiking trails and lush forested areas. You will require a reservation to visit, but it's well worth booking!

Milk River Valley


Milk River Valley is a historic national location in Alberta's Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park that is rich with wildlife and plant diversity. It features unique rock formations called hoodoos, as well as beautiful rolling hills.

Manitou Lake


Manitou Lake is often referred to as "The Dead Sea of Saskatchewan" because its salt water is so dense you lie down and float on it. It's also a beautiful place to view the stars because of its dark, clear skies.

Cape Churchill


Cape Churchill is a northerly location in Manitoba where several specialized tour groups go to observe polar bears. A special "hotel on wheels" allows travellers to get up close and personal with the bears.

Covered Portage Cove


Covered Portage Cove is a secluded area in Ontario's Killarney Provincial Park that is popular among boaters for its calm waters for sailing. Some trails in the surrounding hills lead to breathtaking lookouts of the cove.

Mont Saint-Alban


Mont Saint-Alban in Quebec's Forillon National Park features a stunning beach that overlooks the Gulf of St. Lawrence. A 9.1-kilometre trail leads to the monstrous cliffs of the Gaspé Peninsula.

Carter’s Beach

Nova Scotia

Carter's Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Nova Scotia. Its crystal clear waters and white sands make it seem like a beach in the tropics.


New Brunswick

Kouchibouguac has everything from golden sand dunes to warm ocean beaches. A long boardwalk that meanders through the park provides some scenic views of the New Brunswick landscape.

Lewis Hills


The Lewis Hills is a pocket of beauty in Newfoundland's Gros Morne National Park. It has challenging hiking trails that reveal amazing views of the peridotite mountain ranges.

Lupine Fields

Prince Edward Island

The Lupine Fields in Prince Edward Island showcase a different side of the province's beauty other than its red sand beaches. The lupine fields can grow up to 1.5 meters tall and they overlook the small community of South Rustico.

Bove Island


Bove Island is particularly beautiful in the fall. It is surrounded by prominent mountains like Mount Conrad, Nares Mountain and Lime Mountain, which serve as beautiful backdrops to the island.

Axel Heiberg Island


Axel Heiberg Island is the 7th largest island in Canada. It features many beautiful natural landforms, including mountain ranges, tundra fields and Arctic salt springs.

Fairy Meadows

Northwest Territories

The Fairy Meadows is a legendary area in the Northwest Territories' Nahanni National Park Reserve. It features a soft, green pasture that is nestled beneath a range of colossal mountains.

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