In recent years, Canada has gained popularity as one of the world's best travel destinations. It definitely lives up to that status, with its diverse geological landscape and vibrant communities.

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Canada's sheer vastness offers endless opportunities for the discovery of new and interesting places. For those looking to travel off the beaten path, here are 13 surreal places to check out across the country:


British Columbia

Stewart is a cozy town nestled below a towering range of glacier-capped mountains in the northern part of British Columbia, near the border to Alaska. A visit to Stewart is worth it for the plethora of lush green spaces, historic sites and beautiful views of the Salmon Glacier.

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Nordegg is a town that sits beneath the eastern slopes of the Alberta Rockies. For some time, it has remained as one of Alberta's most well-kept secrets, and only recently has it started to gain more attention by travellers. Calm lakes, surging rivers, and a variety of scenic trails makes it a perfect location for an outdoors adventure.

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Beechy is a village situated in the Coteau Hills of the Prairies. The area consists of distinct, giant sandcastles that have formed due to weathering and subterranean erosion. Such landforms defy the prevailing stereotype that Sasketchewan has nothing but flat lands to offer.

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Steep Rock


Steep Rock is a small hamlet on the edge of Lake Manitoba that boasts a gorgeous line of limestone cliffs. The site is not heavily populated with tourists, making it a great place for private exploration. Cliffs, beaches, trails, and caves can all be found within the area.

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Katherine's Cove


Katherine's Cove is a tucked away section in Lake Superior Provincial Park that's surrounded by lush forest and crystal clear waters. One of its most unique features is its Bathtub Island, which consists of a rock depression that fills with water when the waves are high. The shallow waters make for a satisfyingly warm swim in the summer.

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Charlevoix is a community in the valleys of the hills beside the St. Lawrence River. The area is actually a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, which makes it one of the most natural spots in Quebec. Its gently flowing streams and rolling hills will make you feel like you've been transported to some place in rural Europe.

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Nova Scotia

Tangier is a beautiful destination in eastern Nova Scotia that consists of over 16,000 hectares of conifer forest; lined by a rugged, granite ridge. A plethora of fishing wharfs makes it a great place for boating and water activities.

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New Brunswick

Campbellton is a village bordered by the Appalachian Mountain Range. With the beauty of the outdoors and the old world charm of a small town, Campbellton is a great option for those looking to escape the city.

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North Cape

Prince Edward Island

North Cape is located at the most northwesterly point of Prince Edward Island. It is known for its scenic beaches, natural rock reef, seabirds and marine life. Within the area, there are also interesting museums and an aquarium that you can visit.

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King's Point

Newfoundland and Labrador

King's Point proclaims itself as an "undiscovered gem" of Newfoundland. Located in the province's beautiful Green Bay, the area is a great place for a unique activity - iceberg watching! In various seasons, icebergs and arctic whales pass by the community and make for an awesome watching experience.

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Midnight Dome


Midnight Dome is a vantage point that offers a gorgeous, panoramic view of Dawson City in the Yukon. From the dome, one will be able to see several iconic landforms of the territory, including the Yukon River and Klondike Valleys.

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Auyuittuq is a national park in Canada that features the mountain with the highest vertical drop in the world - Mount Thor. Amongst the mountains are also beautiful meadows and glorious waterways that are sometimes visited by narwhals and other cool marine life.

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Virginia Falls

Northwest Territories

Virginia Falls is a waterfall in the Nahanni National Park Reserve of the Northwest Territories. With a total drop of 315 ft, it is twice as high Niagara Falls. Helicopter services are offered in the nearby area for those who are interested in seeing the glory of the falls from a bird's eye view.

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