I'm incredibly happy that I can finally say that Winter is almost over and Spring is right around the corner! It's been one of the worst Winters we've had in a while here in Toronto, and I'm not the only that's super relieved that it's almost gone from our lives until next year. 

With the end of Winter near it's the perfect time to celebrate by planning a romantic getaway from the city! You and your S/O deserve some time away to spend quality time together. 

There's tons of unique spots in Ontario that are perfect for a romantic getaway. Everything from adorable motels, to luxury glamping tents, to spa inns are on this list so start planning! 

14. Book a relaxing weekend at The June Motel

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Distance From Toronto: 2.5 hours 

Why You Should Go: This motel was re-designed into an adorably cozy spot to escape for the weekend. Their classic rooms would cost $250/night and come with a Queen sized bed, views of Picton Bay, and a gorgeously designed space to stay! 

Book your stay HERE

13. Take a glamping adventure in these hidden luxury tents!

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Distance From Toronto: 3 hrs 40 mins 

Why You Should Go: If you love the idea of camping in a secluded area in the woods where you can get some real alone time with your S/O but don't love everything 'outdoorsy' that comes with it, glamping is the next best thing! These tents include comfortable beds, soft carpets, a wood burning stove, a private chef serving gourmet meals and drinks served from the bar! 

Book your stay HERE

12. Stay in a cozy Pod Home for the weekend. 

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Distance From Toronto: 2 hrs 

Why You Should Go: If you're looking for a cozy romantic weekend, these pod homes are perfect! During the high season they'll cost $135/night and they come with a Queen bed, a private deck, and a complimentary breakfast buffet! 

Book your stay HERE

11. Spend the night in a luxury Tipi in the forest

Via Outpost

Distance From Toronto: 4 hrs 

Why You Should Go: Take a private plane to an area so secluded and romantic you'll never want to leave! You'll have the opportunity to enjoy hiking and canoeing during the day, eat dinner cooked by a private chef in the evening and enjoy drinks and cocktails from the bar at night!

Book your stay HERE

10. Stay in a cozy vintage airstream on the water. 

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Distance From Toronto: 3 hrs 

Why You Should Go: Northridge Inn and Resorts is the perfect place to escape for your romantic weekend getaway. They offer tons of unique accommodations and one of them is this cozy vintage airstream! It features a double bed, a private deck, a fire pit, a private bathroom, daily breakfast and more.

Book your stay HERE 

9. Take glamping to a whole other level at this luxury tented camp

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Distance From Toronto: 4 hrs 15 mins 

Why You Should Go: Located on the Ottawa River is this unique camp that was built for a luxury getaway. They offer different tents that range in price but all of them include your meals, a private washroom, a fully furnished room life a luxury hotel, a fire pit and more! They also offer tons of activities like yoga classes, mountain biking, wine by the waterfall and so much more.

Book your stay HERE

 8. Stay in a vintage hotel and spa at The Pillar and Post

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Distance From Toronto: 1.5 hrs

Why You Should Go: The Pillar and Post is one of Ontario's best vintage hotels and will make you feel like you escaped on a tropical vacation! It's located in the beautiful Niagara-On-The-Lake and has an amazing indoor pool, heated outdoor hot tub and tons of spa services to choose from. 

Book your stay HERE

7. Relax at the old fashioned Morgan House B&B

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Distance From Toronto: 2.5 hrs 

Why You Should Go: This adorable bed and breakfast located in Huntsville is ideal for a quiet, romantic getaway. It's a country style, old-fashioned B&B with a Queen sized bed, a room overlooking the pond, a fully hearty breakfast every morning and cozy lounge areas all over the property!

Book your stay HERE

6. Spend a weekend in the chic Dragonfield House

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Distance From Toronto: 2 hrs 10 mins 

Why You Should Go: This chic house located in Prince Edward, Ontario is perfect for a romantic getaway. It's a contemporary version of a country house with 3 bedrooms, a hot tub and outdoor pool, a fully equipped kitchen, a guest cabin and more!

Book your stay HERE

5. Spend a quiet weekend at Ste. Anne's Spa

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Distance From Toronto: 1 hr 25 mins 

Why You Should Go: This luxury spa is perfect for an escape with your S/O. They offer spa cottages or rooms in the main inn for the length of your stay. During the day you can indulge in all the relaxing spa services they offer!

Book your stay HERE

4. Enjoy a staycation at The Gladstone Hotel

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Distance From Toronto: None!

Why You Should Go: Why travel outside the city when you can stay close by and enjoy a romantic staycation instead? The Gladstone Hotel is famous for it's artist designed rooms where each one is more unique than the next! 

Book your stay HERE

3. Take a vacation back in time at the Retro Suites Hotel.

Via Retro Suites Hotel

Distance From Toronto: 3 hrs 

Why You Should Go: Located in the small town of Chatham, Ontario is this unique hotel with an interesting theme. This luxury boutique hotel is designed to give an upscale retro feel with 45 individually designed rooms! 

Book your stay HERE

2. Take an eco tent adventure at OTENTiks

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Distance From Toronto: 3 hrs 

Why You Should Go: Located in the gorgeous Thousand Islands National Park in Ontario is this amazing eco tent experience. It's a cross between a tent and a rustic cabin so it won't feel like you're camping directly in the woods. 

Book your stay HERE

1. Spend a night on the water at Making Waves Boatel

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Distance From Toronto: None!

Why You Should Go: This unique hotel located right on Toronto's waterfront is also a boat! It's a 65 foot private yacht with 3 bedrooms that are available to rent out all year round. You can wake up and enjoy a complimentary breakfast on board and then explore the area!

Book your stay HERE

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