We'd all love to believe that our favourite Toronto watering holes are the coolest bars in the world, but in reality - they have some stiff competition.

There are millions of places just waiting for Canadians to come in and take over, one shot at a time.

These amazing bars all have their doors open and are waiting for you to have the coolest night out ever.

1. The Ion Luxury Adventure Hotel // Iceland

Sip on an ice-cold beer underneath the Northern Lights. Sure to beat out any light-show a DJ could do.

2. The Laudromat Café // Reykjavik, Iceland

2. The Laudromat Café // Reykjavik, Iceland

Perfect for grungy travellers or those who love to multi-task, The Laudromat Café is not only a bar - but a laundr-o-mat and library. Put a load of darks in, and take a load off.

Photo creds - @elinlarsgren

3. El Bosc de les Fades // Barcelona, Spain

It's off to Neverland with this gorgeous, forest-inspired bar in Barcelona. Try a couple jägerbombs, and see if Redbull will really give you wings in a place like this.

4. Tiger Leaping Gorge Bar // China

Sorry Drake, but I'd caption this VIEWS no question. This bar is found mid-hike through an insanely scenic gorge in China. Stop and sip, but make sure you're sober for the way back down.

5. NENI Restaurant/Monkey Bar // Berlin

No monkeying around here - this Berlin bar overlooks the Berline Zoological Gardens. Everytime you see a monkey? Drink. Everytime you THINK you see a monkey? Drink, twice.

Photo cred - @theconnaught 

6. The Connaught// London, England

This luxy English bar will make look and feel like a million bucks. Order your drink shaken, not stirred.

7. Cahoots // London, England

All aboard the Cahoots express! Next stop? The 40's. This London bar is style to look just like an old-school tube station. What better place to enjoy an Old Fashioned?!

8. The Croft Institute // Melbourne, Australia

Talk about an Australian Horror Story. The Croft Institute is designed to look just like an insane asylum, with rolling hospital beds, white brick walls, and syringes for straws. So go ahead, go crazy.

9. White Rabbit Restaurant and Bar // Moscow, Russia

The view from this Russian bar is absolutely incredible, and leaves no angle unhidden. Perfect for scoping out the bustling city, from the comfort of your seat & cider.

10. Red Sea Star Underwater Restaurant, Bar & Observatory // Israel

It's going down at this bar in Israel - approximately 16-feet under the water. Visitors can enjoy dinner and drinks with a side of fishes swimming by the windows.

Photo cred - Pinterest 

11. Mermaid Dive Bar // Sacramento, California

No you haven't had too many blue lagoons - that is a mermaid. Or at-least, a woman dressed as a mermaid.

12. Rock Bar @ AYANA Resort // Bali, Indonesia

To say this place looks rockin' would be an understatement. Time to drink something as blue as that ocean.

13. Sky Bar @ The Lebua Hotel // Bangkok, Thailand

Go all the way up to one of the tallest spots in Bangkok to your buzz on.

14. Hotel de Glace // Québéc City, Québéc

There's no way your drink would be warm when the whole bar is made of ice. Rebuilt every year from January-March, The Ice Hotel is the place to go if you need to cool down.

15. Sunland Baobab Tree Bar // South Africa

If you thought this was a normal tree, you thought wrong. This 6000-year old Baobab is home to an itsy bitsy bar. Capacity sits at 15 people though so, uh, get there early?

Photo cred - Pinterest 

16.Cloud 9 Bar // Fiji

Cloud 9 is a pure dream found in the middle of the ocean in Fiji. They host water sports, and have their own pizzeria, making this the perfect place to party. Getting a noise complaint would be next to impossible.

17. The Lockhart // Toronto, Canada

The Lockhart gets the last spot on this list because not only is it Harry Potter themed aaaaaand in Toronto, but it is its unique decor and design that attracts HP fans from all over the world. There's a chance they might be brewing some sort of potion that could take you to all the other bars on this list, so drink up!

Have you been somewhere better? Let us know in the comments below!

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