Ontario is made up of so many beautiful towns, but there are a select few that truly stand out during the winter time.  After all, everything looks better with a blanket of snow and some string lights, right?

For those of you looking for a change of scenery this winter, we have compiled a list of 17 Ontario towns that you must explore this holiday season.  So grab a few friends, stop at Timmies for a warm drink, and put one of these adorable towns in your GPS, you definitely won't regret it.

Dress warm and have fun Toronto! 

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1. Lambton County

Lambton is a beautiful little town in southwestern Ontario.  The view of Lake Huron is seriously gorgeous, especially in the snowy months!

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2. Burlington

Burlington is a GTA city that is located right by lake Ontario.  Be sure to check out their super adorable festival of lights which happens all winter long at Spencer Smith Park.

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3. Waterdown

Waterdown is a small town just above Hamilton.  During the winter months, Smokey Hallow waterfall freezes and turns into the most picturesque spot for a winter walk!

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4. Nobel

Nobel Ontario is a tiny village located near Perry Sound.  This adorable winter wonderland is filled with paths and beautiful forests to explore.

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5. Grand Bend

This snow covered beach town has turned into a snowglobe over the past month, and it is completely breathtaking.  This well-known summer destination is just as pretty in the winter, so be sure to make time for a visit!

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6. Dundas

If you're looking for great restaurants, adorable Christmas boutiques, and cozy coffee shops, then you need to head to Dundas!

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7. Stratford

Stratford is known for being picturesque, but in the winter it gives that stereotype a whole new meaning.  The entire city is lit up with beautiful Christmas lights and garlands everywhere you look!

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8. Port Perry

Port Perry is home to one of the most magical Christmas tree farms in Ontario! Spademan Tree Farm is the perfect place to spend a chilly day this winter, be sure to visit soon.

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9. Niagara-on-the-lake

Niagara on the lake is breathtaking any time of year, but there is something special about it when it's covered in a blanket of snow.

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10. Cambridge

Cambridge is an adorable little town that has so much to offer!  They also have a great farmers market if you're looking to shop locally!

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11. Lindsay

Downtown Lindsay is completely made up of adorable victorian architecture, that looks even better with a layer of snow and a string of Christmas lights!

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12. Bayfield

Bayfield serves as the ideal cottage country for some, and the perfect place to call home for others.  We can completely understand why people choose this lakeside town to reside in, especially when it's this beautiful in the winter as well!

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13. Elora

This riverside town makes for the perfect winter day trip!  They have adorable boutiques and shops to explore, as well as amazing local galleries.

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14. Creemore

Creemore is your ideal destination for outdoor winter activities! They have some amazing snowshoeing as well as cross country skiing opportunities just waiting for you to try out.

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15. Belfountain

It's no surprise that Belfountain made this list, especially because of their beautiful conservation area.  A gorgeous snow covered suspension bridge and frozen waterfall makes for the perfect winter adventure.

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16. Bobcaygeon

Bobcaygeon is made up of three islands connected by numerous bridges which makes for lots of beautiful waterfronts to explore.

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17. Conmee

Conmee is part of the Thunder Bay District and is chalked full with beautiful evergreens and amazing green spaces.  This small town is the ultimate places for a winter wonderland drive.

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